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  1. Lol could have picked taradactyl but everyone knows that t rex was the best dinosaur.
  2. Yeah and the lid was duct taped shut too because of a previous incident. Talk about hardcore separation issues.
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Tara. I consider myself fairly new to keeping fish. I find this website to be very helpful, as I have never had goldfish before. But I had an oscar for a couple of years. Chomp Chomp was psychotic and vicious but I cared for anyway. She is what really got me into this hobby. I hope that link worked. She jumped out of the tank in the middle of the night while I was studying abroad in China last summer. I recently purchased a lionhead goldfish from Rain Garden, but Steve is holding her for me until my new tank is fully cycled. It's almost done, and I will probably have a goldfish by the end of next week.
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