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  1. No it hasn't gotten bigger, neither smaller. I will post new photos tomorrow so you can also compare. Sorry for the delay, i have so much work...
  2. Hi again These are the latest parameters and recap of the whole situation Ammonia: 0ppm NO2: 0ppm NO3: 15ppm Goldfish is male (checked and possitive about that-he is an adult) 7cm size without tail. Has no raised scales. Had him in quarantine for 2 weeks now and being treated with salt and Fluke Solve. Also created madicated food with Metronidazole 250mg, Amoxicillin 500mg, Ultrabiotics and feeding it twice a day. He has a very big appetite and is very active. I know for sure he had Ich (salt took care of that), Fish lice (i think he only had 1 and i killed it), fish is alone in tank, and he probably had parasites for sure as the rest of the goldfish at the pet shop had (i continue treating with Fluke Solve). It's been two weeks and he seems the same, active and very hungry. I have him in a dark room and only feeding him medicated food. There have not been any changes. He looks very normal and active. I will post new photos but the have not been any changes. What do you think it might be? Toumor? Liver fat? Birth defect?
  3. Spyromon

    tank envy!

    very nice complete tank. JUST LOVE IT.
  4. Spyromon

    The flourish of Lionhead

    I like your Lionheads a lot. Have in mind they seem to be babies and their colours haven't developed yet. Expect a sudden change of colours. They usually will show their actual colour at the age of 6 months (or earlier) and will keep that colour for some time and even have colour changes way later on.
  5. Spyromon

    By Demand Charlie and Myng

    My next goal is buying a black ranchu like yours
  6. Spyromon

    Myng And Charlie

    I love that black ranchu
  7. Spyromon

    Incredible deal on anubias barteri var. nana

    Guys i had an idea. Why don't we add photos of our tanks and fish on our facebook page and share it? I will take a "before & after" photos and create a new Facebook account where i will share my stuff related to goldfish only.
  8. Spyromon

    Orange goldfish turning black?

    I have a Calico telescope that almost lost all of his black spots after 10 months (this last two weeks his colour changed- there was a suddent temperature decrease also). 8 months ago i had it breed with a female and had babies so i know he was already an adult.. They are full of surprizes!
  9. Spyromon

    Pix Of Yourself

    this is me http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream I always thought koko was blond . dont know why...
  10. Spyromon

    Incredible deal on anubias barteri var. nana

    Just bought it too couldn't resist...
  11. Spyromon

    Incredible deal on anubias barteri var. nana

    Hey Fang. Anubias is my favourite water plant. I will definitely buy 1 set. Hopefully having 20 Anubias in my tank will reduce the NO3 the tab water already contains. I will also start putting Pothos plant to grow roots in the water but... last time i placed a Pothos plant with roots in my tank it triggered breeding on my goldfish (they were swimming in the roots), so had it removed and added spawning mops. Did you pay any extra tax? Because you ordered from abroad.
  12. Spyromon

    Ranchu or not?

    I would say it is a Lionhead. Ranchus have a sudden tilt of the tail and an arched back. Lionheads have almost straight backs and not a tilted tail. It seems it doesn't have a straight spine but it's nothing to worry about. I have a ranchu with its spine not straight. These types of goldfish are really nice to look from above Also note that not all Lionheads necessarily have to have a headgrowth. Your's has a really vibrant colour.
  13. Spyromon

    got three new babies

    Go Telescope fishie!!! My fav. ...I only saw the video... sorry for your loss.
  14. Spyromon


    I guess size does matter after all When i placed my fish in a bigger tank after a month i saw a major increase in the length of their fins. take photos of your fish to compare how they change after you put them in the new tank.
  15. Spyromon

    Returning member

    Hi and welcome back Don't feel guilty, we all have problems that we can't control or have a choice. I also was away for a lonnnnnggg time. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks for a really stupid reason... My tonsils got really infected and antibiotics were doing nothing at all. I was sick with my tonsils all of April and then had them removed, so for all May was suffering from the surgery. I lost 7 kilos in two months (couldn't even swallow water...). I hadn't used the internet in April and May! Then there was too much work and later on summer holidays so again didn't had time to login to Koko's Forgive me guys