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  1. Duck has fleas!

    Great! For a common problem like lice and fleas, any vet will do, doesn't need to be avian. Identifying and treating bugs is Vet 101.
  2. Duck has fleas!

    Btw! If she's getting feathers coming through she will be preening more often than usual.
  3. Duck has fleas!

    If your duck hasn't got feathers you don't want a tub she can swim in yet. Least not all the time. For an hour in the sun is fine. They're not waterproof til they have all of their body feathers. Fleas aren't normal on ducks at all, lice are far more likely to be your problem. But its not normal on a tame duckling unless she's in contact with chickens or something similar. Apologies if I've come across very harsh but I'm seeing a lot of 'ask dr google/facebook' lead to very sick animals recently when they should have just gone to a vet. It's a massive petpeeve of mine. Just like with goldfish you don't guess at the problem, you ask a professional and you get the proper treatment.
  4. Duck has fleas!

    Also, ducks are flock animals so please get her a friend once she's healthy again.
  5. Duck has fleas!

    I would hope you were looking for a treatment for your pet for her health, not because of what your friends might think ))): Ducks are very clean and will preen a lot, especially if it's raining or they've just had a bath! Perfectly normal. Flies and mosquitoes aren't generally a problem and are just snacks to a healthy duck. They can get fleas when they still have baby fluff, but it's only as hitchhikers usually, but they do carry tapeworm eggs, which are bad. I can't recommend a product as your american things are different to ours. We use a very very small amount of Frontline flea spray for cat/dogs, but please please take her to a vet and get it diagnosed and treated properly!! They also get mites, and lice. But only if their homes are not clean and they don't have access to swimming water. Or if they're physically unable to preen themselves properly because of a sore leg etc. A duck must at least be able to get it's head under water if they don't have access to swimming water, or you end up with a multitude of problems. Lice you will be able to see most clearly climbing around the feathers or fluff on the back of the neck. Mites live at the base of feathers, usually under the wings or around the vent (bottom). If flies are landing on her, you do need to be worried as kiwikacey said. You really REALLY do not want maggots. That will stick in your head, forever. Make sure there are no open wounds and her vent (bottom) is clean. But anyway. Vet. Please.
  6. March is New Fish Month

    Thanks XD Well the moor got ich, which I have NEVER had, ever. So that was annoying, but I seem to have cured that and all is okay for the moment. They're moving into my 40gal today for a while to let them grow before they head for the pond.
  7. Bubble eyes and plants?

    This is something I have indeed been keeping in mind! I'm going to be making sure everything is safe, don't you worry.
  8. Bubble eyes and plants?

    Hahah yup I shall certainly give it a go!! I don't expect it to go perfectly and I do expect it to get tricky when the fish are added. If all else fails I can move the fish out and get some more suitable ADA fish ;D I have a few months to research plants and layouts while I wait for money to happen.
  9. Bubble eyes and plants?

    That pic's off google and mine wouldn't be anything like that amazing, but still, I'd like to try. Thanks heaps for the input and for fuelling my idea ;DD
  10. Hi guys. I've got this grand idea to start an aquascape in my 40gal for 2 bubble eyes. Somehow it's got into my head that because bubble eyes are a bit handicapped, they're not going to be as destructive as an oranda or ryu. If someone could let me know if that is the case or not, I would be most grateful. Obviously I'm going to be limited with the hard materials I can use, but was thinking something like this where everything has plants for padding. ;D
  11. March is New Fish Month

    Redcap died today, and the moor and orange fan don't look that good. 3 hours after a water change and start of round 4 prazi + salt, doubt that's a coincidence. QT is going on hold and tank's getting multiple fish-less water changes. Seriously pissed off and wondering why I even bothered. x____X
  12. So happy!! Turns out there's a dedicated fancy goldfish breeder in NZ, AND they have bubble eyes! I didn't think we had them. Whheeeee~

  13. The I'm Back Update! (V. PIC HEAVY)

    Thanks guys!!! I love me some long flowing tail ;D Thanks! It took me several weeks and much messing around to get it sitting well, and it's still wonky Why can't you put yours in? Hahahaa he's a bit of a bossy britches, that okay? It's 200 gal, so not too big really. It's a local made brandless product from a town just 30mins away. I found it on trademe (like craigslist). Very helpful, I know.
  14. The I'm Back Update! (V. PIC HEAVY)

    Thanks guys! Great to be back! O:
  15. The I'm Back Update! (V. PIC HEAVY)

    Er.... lots? I counted. I have 18!! O: They sneak up on you, don't they They do that!! I think my days of having photos of all my fish in my sig are over ;DD