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  1. Gravel vacuumed a huge amount of poop from the temp Goldie tank. Last night was blueberry treat night
  2. Went to petsmart and bought a new filter cartridge for my tank that had ick and a new UVB bulb for Spunky my bearded dragon. Walked away with lizard treats and a breeder net for my mollies in addition xD
  3. Dnalex, i guess i can see where your coming from there. I more just assume that if someone is asking all these questions then they are actively learning what they need to know to understand the needs of the animal. Being that i'm one of those types of people who does heavy research on the subjects, i know from personal experiences that in animal keeping, book knowledge is just as good as practical knowledge. The only cases I've found that its hard to compare book to practical knowledge is in the cases of behavior and some diseases, being that a veteran owner has the benefit of solving multiple problems in various ways that a research can not replicate.
  4. Well, :x despite the general rule, i think a 15 gallon would be fine for a single fancy on the following basis: ____________ Water changes more often! (like 75% every week with a lot of plants and twice that without a lot of plants) Don't add any decoration that takes away from swimming space unless its just plants! The tank must be long. Finally, the filter should be for a 30-40 gallon tank *based on knowledge from QTing one med size goldie and one small goldie. _________________ From what i noticed, goldies aren't as picky about space as much as they are just stressed and upset with water quality or being homed in tanks that obviously won't let them grow to full potential (bowls x_x). I think if you can ask yourself if your ready to accept all this added on work to keeping them, and that you can swear that you won't attempt to add a second one then it should be fine, but please know its not ideal! *cringes for future reprimanding opinions*
  5. So Jazz the telescope calico fantail and Dobby the orange/white fantail, are being spoiled with food variety. I've been feeding api algae wafers, goldfish flakes, api veggie flakes, and betta protien foods. 1 week ago I got some hikari spriunlia brine shrimp, and the two went wild. Jazz in particular I noticed this week has developed twice the amount of color! He/she now has splotches of blue hues, red and black overlay, random pools of light orange, and the black spots are deep black rather than grey. Dobby developed slightly darker orange, but the Calico is the main attraction lol. Needless to say I was quite happy with the change and thought I'd share the amazing effects of spriunlia brine shrimp. :3
  6. I just love raiseing little fry, i would probably explode around 100 of them. On the subject of culling, thats why i will never breed anything but livebearers. Theres never to many and any screwups normally die naturally. (btw for me color varation is not a screw up so i never put any down based on that.)
  7. I've posted elsewhere and I will say again, there is no need to fear bleach. Bleach if bought in a pure form, i.e not splash less or scented, is only a special form of salt NaCl and Oxygen. When arranged in the form of NaOCl this substance is caustic and breaks down organic materials along with itself. Once it dries or has had sufficient time in water all that will be left is NaCl or salt because the O or oxygen has left the compound and thus renders it as benign salt. I love chemistry lol
  8. I would try getting fancies from ANYWHERE but Walmart, they harbor so much disease and carry so many nasties from crappy care from both Walmart and the stocking company. Not to mention, the atrocities they partake in animal abuse in their fish aisle. Try going somewhere reputable, like a family owned pet store or a very well managed petsmart or petco
  9. I love one of my LPS they have a policy with their goldfish, "as long as it swims and competes for foods we won't put it down" I found about this when I saw a goldfish who spent most of it's time at the bottom and I mentioned it was sick and they informed me that when they received the fish it was missing one of it's fins and simply was hiding from some mean goldies. He still would eat and compete and I almost wanted the gimpy lol, but the fish I wanted in my tank would be good swimmers rather than things like celestials.
  10. bleach (NaOCl) breaks down into oxygen (O^2) and salts (NaCl). As long as it the bleach left behind 100% dries out in the PP will and cannot not react with it because all thats left is salt lol.
  11. I'm not sure that waiting until your goldfish show signs of stress or slowing down before you do a water change is a very good idea. Chronic stress in such a manner may lower their immunity to infection overall. I would check your tank to see the pattern of how long BEFORE these signs appear and do water changes before that. Lol I shoulda been a little more specific, I do use their reactions to tell me how often and plan before hand. very rarely do I need to adjust my actions to make sure they're happy. What I wanted to say was. "Watch your fish for awhile and take action against stress to figure the pattern of needed water changes, but if you don't have time for close analysis just do a precautionary once a week."
  12. I think, based on what I've experienced is that water changes depend on your tank, your fish, and your plants. I have 3 tanks with entirely different needs. One is my over planted correctly stocked guppies/mollies tank, I only need to do a 50% every month. My lightly planted Mollie tank needs one every 2 weeks. My temp Goldie tank with no plants needs one every 3 days How do I tell? I watch the fish closely every day, when the toxins are starting to be unsuitable they will start to become slightly less energetic. The moment I notice this behavior I immediately change water, they perk all the way back up. I find a once a week regiment is best for those who don't have the time to inspect and watch their fish closely enough. But if you look close enough they'll tell you when it's time
  13. Just as a tidbit of chemistry bleach degrades to only salt and water.. So if you allow everything to fully dry out there is no chance of harmful chems being introduced to your fish. Just need a light rinsing to remove excess salt
  14. I have two swords, and this is what they do when the transplant. I was informed by my petshop that this is just shock. When the leaves are really dead, cut them off down to the root and it will spawn regrowth (it's said to make it faster but i really didn't see a difference in growth whether i was lazy or not). My 5 leaved sword died down to a 2 leaf, but after just 2 months i now have a thriving 12 leaf. I have noticed that these also respond greatly to the level of nitrates, when i had kept my levels down in the 5-10 ppm they grew slowly. When i allow it to get up to 30-60ppm they grew very rapidly! edit- also this is also the assumption from a lower light situation for these swords!
  15. Ok, i've already fixed the problem, but i wanted to share my extreme oddity! So, this morning i noticed that Dobby was VERY lethargic and Jazz was missing :0! After i found Jazz in the cave i started to question what thier problem was. I noticed that they ate the blueberry i gave them and there was poop all over the place!!! Literally it was everywhere in massive quantities! immediately ran a chem check on the tank... for i forgot to do it yesterday. Well this cycled tank was overloaded in waste management! It came out to this... Ammonia: 1 ppm Nitrites: 2 ppm Nitrates: 290 ppm This was just over the duration of less than 48 hours! Previous record: Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrites: 0 ppm Nitrates: 40 ppm I was going to change the water today to lower it to 20, now at 100 i'm doing one more tonight to get it down to 40-50 range DX I would just like to say to everyone, NEVER use an un-cycled QT if i had these guys would've been DEAD and i know it . Oh and btw apparently blueberries are good for clearing out these guys lol.
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