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  1. i tried taking pics... need to pull out the good camera... there are just a spots for now... so going with raising temps and salt for now. Hopefully that will fix the issue. The fish are haelthy, eating like pigs and no sign of stress or scrapping on the substrate or labored breathing... i am optimistic. thanks for the help.
  2. I got a few fish from a shop via ups this friday. Its been less than 2 days in quarantine (33 long), with a established filter (no heater). I think i am seeing some white sand like spots on a few fish(ick?). Don't know if the fish were stressed in shipping and got ick. The fish are otherwise ok and eating well, no flashing, no breathing abnormally. Good news is, if it is ick, i caught it early (i think). none of my other 8 tanks have any ick or any issues for a long time. what should i treat it with. I am planning to add some malachite green (https://www.petsmart.com/…/marineland-8-ounce-ick-remedy-fi…).. Is there something folks can recommend to treat (that i can buy at a local store). Do i raise temperature to speed the ick life cycle (so the medicine can act on the free swiming ick trophonts).... Thank you
  3. Most forums articles i have read indicate 10 times the gallons per hour turnover for goldfish. (e.g. 600 gallons per hour for 60 gallons and so on). Recently i had someone tell me that the faster a filter turns over the less contact time to media and the less efficient it becomes. By that logic we should really reduce the gph and just have a large surface area for the sponge. I have a little more than 10 times the gph on my tanks and i see value in that, but would like to see if anyone can weigh in on this.
  4. Thanks for the honest opinion.... Not worth the risk. Getting back into goldfishes after a long time. So dont want to start with a iffy experience. I have a local breeder who has a great reputation and i have had great experience with him in the past. I'll stick with him. Thanks again guys
  5. Thank you for the response; I did check other forum posts too. I'll look at buying from some other source. Pity tho, some of the ryukins they had posted looked great.
  6. Anyone have any experience with coastgemusa. I am looking to get some goldfish. I hope i am not breaking rules asking about recommendations about a company. If so please forgive me and delete the post. Thank you
  7. Let me give credit where its due.... the ryukin/fantails are few of my favorites i got from Gary Hater's (cincinnati) collection. He had invited me over his place last December. It was an amazing - amazing - amazing experience. It was an education for a small timer like me, (not only about goldfish, but fish keeping in general). The man is a walking encyclopedia on everything goldfish (among other things). He started me off with these great goldfish . I was supposed to be there for 15 minutes, but by the time we were done talking, it was an hour and a half (I didn't even realize how time flew!!!!!). You should see the ones i didn't get (really amazing fish... he had lemon ranchus, grey ryukins, great veil tails). My apologies to Gary... the pictures don't do his stock justice .. my skills with the camera are at best amateurish..
  8. Me either but these guys were going after any new growth and trimming my vals. You sure they arent cleaning up the leaves (preparing for a spawning site). Seen any pairing behaviour.
  9. Nice angels. Never heard of angels eating plants though.
  10. Havent bought from them (too expensive for me.... can afford it cant justify it)!!! But in my opinion this site has the best fish i have seen.
  11. For fancies 29 gallon should hold 2. Otherwise whats the rule for? The rule is meant for full size fancy fish. With 2 large water changes a week he should be able to keep 2 large fancy fish.. or might as well change that rule ..
  12. A 30 galllon tank will weight minimum 300 pounds. Don't take a risk... buy a tank rated for the tank form a petstore, or buy a wrought iron stand from craigslist, or use cinder blocks. Not worth having water damage.
  13. Convict cichlids are highly aggressive. I wouldnt classify them as guppies of any world. Freshwater Angels, Rams are less aggressive, but Convicts will kill other fish if there isnt enough space. You can only keep a pair, and sometimes (very rare) even that doesnt work. Good news is they are super easy to keep , very hardy, super easy to breed (once every 2 weeks), easy to differentiate male and females , easy beginner cichlids (if you have enough space... especially if you want to raise the fry) and they look amazing. I think you can keep a pair in a 20 gallon.
  14. Nitrates 0... i am not sure if the tank has cycled (or if something caused that to break). I personally dont think angels do good until the tank is totally cycled. I know you have plants, but still it should have been registering some nitrates.
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