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  1. LOL! I guess it would be a bad idea to put in my red dwarf lily into my main goldfish tank then @__@
  2. I feel my fish Nutrafin Basix, nutrafin max, wardley advanced and I've been feeding them peas more often now. What else do you suggust me feed my fish? !
  3. Been in the quarantine tank for a week now. In 0.3% for about 4-5 days
  4. They also occasionally try to suck on each others butts LOL Is this a sign of breeding? I dont see any breeding stars
  5. I was just wondering what kind of behaviour this is, it seems odd because the Oranda just slowly swims away everytime it happens, does my ranchu think the fins are aquatic plants because it resembles lettuce?
  6. I'm just wondering because I have one that is growing extremely fast in my 10 Gallon aquascape that is taking up a lot of the tank so I want to move that plant into my goldfish aquarium. Just want to make sure that my goldfish wont nibble away at the plant @__@
  7. So these are the images of my fish's droppings. The one in the bucket is the ryukin in my quarantine tank (looks a lot more green and lush today compared to yesterday which was white) and the one in my hand is from my main tank. Is there anything that looks odd? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/photo1ph.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/442/photopk.jpg/
  8. I have been feeding him peas for the past few days and that's about it haha I tried to get a picture but its very difficult to see
  9. *Poop thick and white with a little bit of green from the peas)
  10. So I just came back home and noticed that the poop from my ryukin is still thick and white-ish. Does this mean it has internal parasites? What are my next steps? And the black spots are even darker today @__@
  11. Ah icic, so Can i hold off the Prazi until I get all the fish I want in my main tank after salting? in the 75 I want a total of 5 fancy Goldfish so I just want to get them all in there first and save on the prazi instead of treating them one by one
  12. Should I just wait until I get all my fish and prazi all of them in the main tank at the same time?
  13. I just got my prazi in the mail right now actually
  14. Ah ic. In my main 75 gallon tank I havent salted or done a prazi Treatment for my 2 fancy goldfish in there and they seem to be doing fine :S Should I salt and treat them with prazi too?
  15. Ah ic, Hopefully after the salting the scales will turn back to normal :S So if nothing is wrong after the salting period do I still need to treat my fish with Prazi?
  16. Well I just fed my fish peas so im still waiting on the droppings to see what colour they are. And the black spots seem to be darking today. Should I be worried? My beautiful orange/ white ryukin is getting freckles D;
  17. That was a great article haha thanks! I just did a 80% water change and salted. My tank is now at 0.3%
  18. Okkkk Thanks, So I guess I will wait until tomorrow and increase salting to 0.3% and see what happens from then... I dont have any peas or beans at home at the moment what else can i feed to test for internal parasites with the white poop? And why is it not recommended to feed fish flakes etc?
  19. I have ordered my Prazi last night and I'm just waiting for it to come now. Also do these black specks on my fish stay forever?
  20. Ok so as i was doing my last 50% water change i noticed that my fish is starting to poop out white stuff. Not thin and stringy but thick and white :S
  21. yes i had 0.1 yesterday and I upped my salting to 0.2 from the water change I JUST did but I have to do another 2 50% water changes?, I couldn't do the water change right at 12 hours because I had school. And most likely can't increase salt to 0.3 tomorrow right at 12 hours as well. Most likely I will be able to do a water change within 24 hours though.
  22. Did another water change and added more salt to my quarantine tank think I have to do another 2x 50% water changes and increase salting to 0.3 though :S
  23. The water change that i just did was when I changed salt to 0.2 would it be too quick to jump to 0.3?
  24. I just did one 50% water change then added more salt about 30 minutes ago LOL but sure ill do another 2 and dose to 0.3. And no none of my fish have names haha
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