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  1. Hard to focus with her swimming around so much but around 35 seonds is a focused shot kind of..
  2. http://s199.beta.photobucket.com/user/RyosaykuX/media/DSC_0211.mp4.html
  3. Sorry the links not working I will upload it again
  4. So this is my ranchu that I bought over the summer and all was well until today I discovered that her scales did not look the same as usual. They project out slightly and I'm scared that there might be something wrong with her slime coat... Here is a video of her in the main tank. She is still playful and acts normal but it's just the scales that bother me! Maybe its due to my oranda sucking in my ranchu? tank: Ammonia:0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:5 PH: 7 tap: PH: 7 Last water change: 3 days ago tank size: 75 Gallons filter: emperor 400 x2 1 new fish added to the tank yesterday, the Ryukin that was salted for 2 weeks
  5. @ Sakura - I'll buy that Hikari Food when i find it, its sold out almost all the time in the stores haha
  6. @ DNA - Thank you! she definately stood out in the fish store haha
  7. @Gcourtney - Thank you! haha and yes they seem to think they bring luck @ Sakura - Your fish are lovely though! They look like they're a good size unlike mine T_T they're petite
  8. @ Sakura - There are many around the area of where I live since theres an asian mall haha atleast 6 different fish stores!
  9. @ sakura - I could definately get that here in Canada, But I don't want to completely replace the food D; seems like such a waste since I have so much fish food!
  10. @goldenspoiled & Pearl - They do not ship to Canada!!! Is there another choice?
  11. Nope! All looks fine and well to me for my new fish I took a good look at them before buying them at the store today. But with that said I will still put them under the Prazi Treatment!
  12. @stakos - the Ryukin has already been put into my main tank so the only fish in the QT are my 2 new fish, Oranda and the pearlscale. And if it is nitrite poisoning is there anything I should do for my pearlscale? @Pearl- haha I guess I could, I just kept it a bit lower to + the current. I could definately fill it up though
  13. Ah icic, its great to know that its not some sort of disease haha! Hmmm as for the water flow... Would filling the tank up to where the HOB filter excretes water make the current softer rather than having the water drop down 1/2 an inch from the lip of the filter?
  14. http://s199.beta.photobucket.com/user/RyosaykuX/media/DSC_0210.mp4.html Here is my Blue Oranda and Crown Pearlscale that I picked up from the LFS today after my Ryukin finally finished with it's quarantine process I know I really shouldn't have but both of these fish are under quarantine in the 20 Gallon. I will make sure I keep water parameters in check! I'm currently salting them at 0.1%. Question: My pearlscale looks like the right side of the gill is more "red/purple" than the right side, is this normal for pearlscales? If not what could this be?
  15. I am feeding my goldfish peas, nutrafin basix flakes, nutrafin max pellets and wedleys pellets. I will start to introduce algae waffers as well! I feed my fish once in the morning and occasionally at night when I get home. This is not often though
  16. I have had my Ranchu since the summer and it looks as though it hasnt grown at all and I know water changes has a lot to do with the growth of goldfish So i was just wondering how many you guys do a week? I'm doing 1 50% water change on my 75 gallon main tank per week at the moment.
  17. My Ryukin is finally in the 75 Main tank! Woohoooo Thank you guys! But... I bought 2 new fish instead of one today D; I couldn't help myself... They're both in the 20 gallon under quarantine I know its not a big enough tank for 2 of them but I will make sure parameters are in good measures when they are going to be salted for 2 weeks.
  18. Today is the day! Turned the heater off this morning and hopefully I will make it back in time for the store to be open
  19. Ah icic thanks for the tip! Tomorrow is the day! I should turn off the heater tonight so my fish can adjust to the temperature
  20. For sure haha also is there a difference between salting THEN prazi treatment or can I do both at the same time for my new fish?
  21. Nope! 2 more days until I prazi all 3 fish at once. And that shall also be the day I head out to buy a new goldfish
  22. Well then LOL good thing I have a whole bag left from my Otos that died T_T
  23. Since they seem to like the green water etc I was just wondering if I could feed goldfish some algae waffers
  24. The Ryukin is not bottom sitting anymore which is really relieving !
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