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  1. But if you order before hand does he post pictures of them on the website? Or its just kind of a hit and miss?
  2. @ Clone - Oh wow how did you end up contacting Andrew? I would love to check it out but I haven't set up my other 75 Gallon yet unfortunately
  3. Wow, I was actually looking at their website earlier today. I definitely want to pay them a good visit, do you have their address? did you order from them before you could go visit? Or can you just go there and pick once youre there?
  4. I would like to know if there are stores that sell quality goldfish in ONTARIO as well.
  5. Ohhh ic... I just fed them again tonight and I soaked them this time SAKI pellets are sinking ones right?
  6. Exactly! How long does it take usually until the fish food expires?
  7. @ tasty worms - I just purchased 2 of them! Was only suppose to buy one but oh well, Will come in use anyways haha!
  8. So I purchased the Lionhead food and the Saki was sold out, but this food is definately the best I have fed my fish! The INSTANT sinking is a lot better than needing to pre soak before feeding and the fish just went wild when i dropped this food in! I can't wait until I get my hands on the saki food as well!
  9. Do you guys keep up with his videos as well? Great information on aquatic plants and different species of fish. The episode today, he mentioned this forum after buying a few new telescope goldfish!
  10. I was just wondering because I am using the light + canopy from that kit on my 75 gallon tank and I need another one for the right side of my tank. I just wanted to purchase the same one to make sure its symmetrical Is it the Marineland 24 inch one? it says its 24 inches x 12 inches but when I measure my canopy its more like 23 x 11 :S
  11. I just did a 50% water change and now im onto my 4th round of prazi. But before I did the water change I noticed that my Ryukin is looking a bit better, no more white-ish faded parts on the fins and reduced reddness
  12. Yes, I have a bubble wall as well as an airstone in the tank ATM. I will snap some pictures later tonight when I can get some clearer shots without reflection
  13. The Ranchu is now fine but I am at my third round of prazi for my main tank and i noticed my Ryukin is suffering from fin rot, I don't know how this happened!
  14. Is salting necessary since I have already salted my fish?
  15. Ah icic. I guess I will have to purchase both! haha
  16. Just started the treatment but just to be sure, what exactly is a full "round" of treatment? Everytime I do a water change and add more prazi?
  17. The temperature before the heater was 20 degree Celcius. and my house is heated at 22 degrees on and off
  18. Now that I have all my fish salted how many rounds of Prazi should I do in my main 75 gallon tank with my 5 fancy goldfish?
  19. I just want a good comparison of the two different fish foods. I have in my main tank 2 Orandas, 1 Ryukin, 1 Ranchu, 1 Crown Pearlscale. Which one of these foods would be better for my goldfish?
  20. With the heater it was kept at 22 and it is still currently 22 Since i still have the heater on haha!
  21. Can I stop the heater now that the red streaks are gone?
  22. The red streaks seemed to have gone away! I will start the prazi treatment on my main tank after my two new fish are out of quarantine next week.
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