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  1. It's quite likely the drinking water is relatively safe, but there is an issue that is detrimental to the fish. My folks live on an acreage and have well water. This is tested with frequency, and perfectly safe - however, it has qualities that make it poor to even detrimental to use with her aquariums (all saltwater). I highly suspect I will find this is the case here for some reason as well.
  2. Ah, they are gorgeous! I'm definitely jealous, I couldn't find butterflies around me anywhere. (heck, even just nice telescopes..)
  3. Thanks for all your support guys. It's hard to have fish that long and put so much effort in, and have it all go downhill fast with seemingly no reason why. I've had fish all my life, I've bred and raised seahorses and am no stranger to tweaking the tiniest thing within aquariums...and this has me stumped! Hopefully I can get some answers from the city re: water that make sense.
  4. Yeah, I hate to use bottled water for those reasons as well. The deaths actually started in the warmer weather, strangely. However, they did not stop. I think what I'll be doing is first finding out what I can about the water (and good call on asking about the pipes outside the house too) It couldn't have anything to do with sanding roads since...well, it's Vancouver and I don't think we've even dipped below zero yet. I might take the tank down and set up for geckos, or use it for my goliath birdeater tarantula (L. parahybana) who will need a large home in the future and just set up. something 100% new after (and if) water source and pipe problems are ruled out.
  5. That's a very good idea. I do not want to put more water-breathing species at risk. Part of the frustration is knowing I did everything right, and still this. I have a friend who has a tiny tank full of too many goldfish. None medicated, improper diets, no quarantine, not enough space...and yet they thrive. Of course, if I find out there is a water problem there might not be much I can do unless I want to get bottled water :/
  6. Yeah...it's not that I don't want to get more, it's that since I don't know what happened, I don't want any more to be at risk. I'll be contacting our water company to see if anything has been added...though I'd suspect I'd be hearing more tales of woe from local keepers if it were the case. I'll be sticking around...I came back because it's awesome here, and I hoped it would give me the motivation to try again in the near future
  7. So, I've been gone a while. The reason why? I lost all of my goldfish, and I have no answer as to why. Two different tanks. No fish had gone between tanks in months, and no new fish added for many many months and everyone was doing well. Then I did water changes on both tanks. Suspecting something from before (signs of stress were shown after water changes, even with everything perfect), I kept a very close eye on what I was doing. All the proper supplements were added and the new water had the same perimeters and temperature going in. (this includes hardness, salt, everything under the sun) The next day, two were dead and all but one were showing strange signs (either something that looked like dropsy, or in the dreaded 'c' shape). They died off fast. One hung on for many weeks. The problem seems to have been the water from the tap. Bottled water for doing goldfish water changes at the amount and frequency needed isn't feasible for me right now, and I don't know what the exact problem is. I know this house has old copper pipes, but would that do it? I cook with, drink and shower in this water daily. It is given to sensitive young invertebrates, dogs, a bird...no problems. I'm pretty confused, and upset. I don't know if I can or should get goldfish again even.
  8. Would you mind letting me know the source/store these fish are from? You can PM me privately if you like.
  9. How big is your pond? In my experience (with aquariums and driftwood) Purigen removed tannins very effectively, and even more fantastic - it's reusable. 1L of Purigen treats about 1000 gallons and costs about $50CAD. Needs to go inside a filter. Edit to add: when I say effectively, I mean my aquarium went from brown to crystal clear. It's awesome stuff. You have to re-charge the stuff about every 6 months and it also reduces ammonia, nitrites, nitrates.
  10. I was lucky I had such understanding parents at that age also. I might not have had axoltols, but I did have a tank full of newts to watch me while I slept! Haha
  11. If I was that daughter, I'd be excited beyond belief!
  12. Absolutely not, unfortunately. 1. They need different care requirements 2. They will stress each other out. If the goldfish are small, the axolotls will try to eat them. If the goldfish are large, they may stress the axolotls out a great deal 3. Axolotls are prone to catching infection from the goldfish 4. You are already at max for fish, and axolotls produce just as much, if not more waste
  13. Ok off topic: Niffarious, is that an Axolotls in your pic? Do you keep one with you goldfish? Nope, their diets and care requirements are far too different, and both species would stress each other out. To add to this, axolotls are prone to catching bacterial infections from goldfish.
  14. Don't be discouraged against having frogs as pets though. There are tons that make better captives, and you can support someone who is producing and selling ethically, as well as find species that suit what you are capable of providing.
  15. That tank is a disaster and completely over-stocked. Yes, the produce a lot of waste and grow quickly. You don't 'take them out'. They need to be provided an environment that suits their needs as they grow...a combination tank with spots that they can use to pull themselves out of the water to breathe and rest as they transform. When they are fully small frogs, they can be housed in an adult-suited environment.
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