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  1. people do have good expericences with goldies and cories but... I used to have a cory with my baby fantail goldfish (there were 1-2 inches) one of the fantail nipped all of the cories fins off. he had no dorsal or pectoral fins. thats my bad expierence with goldies and cories even though the fish were babies they still nipped the cory i think whether or not goldfish harrass other fish is their personality my other goldfish never touched the cory only the one did pearlscales are more mellow fish but i dunno.... im still agaisnt cories and goldies together
  2. fishies12

    Live Food?

    Goldfish loveee brine shrimp the only danger would be that the brine shrimp could have parasites i don't really know of anyways to prevent parasites but some people breed their won brine shrimp so they know what they are feeding is parasite free you can just set up container with water in it and buy the "sea-monkey" eggs next thing you know you'll have tons of live parasite free fish food
  3. I feed all of my fish once a day and they do fine feeding once a day isn't going to starve your fish as long as your smaller fish are getting food too and the big ones aren't hogging it all then once a day is fine very long trailing poo can also be a sign of constipation constipation can lead to some swim bladder problems you might want to feed you fish come cooked peas once a week just pop some peas in the microwave for 10 seconds squeeze them out of the shells and feed your fish the inside one pea per fish (half a pea for littlest guys) goldfish loveee peas too
  4. hello there! haven't posted on here in a very long time I have one fish in my pond, Una and i dont know what to call her. she was born and raised in the pond from an oranda x fantail crossing at first glance she looks like a comet/common http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b130/Emi...current=una.jpg the top of her tail has a little piece of tail sticking out it kinda looks like she was supposed to be a twin tail but it didn't form right you can just see the other piece of tail here http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b130/Emi...urrent=una3.jpg here is the backend of una's tail you can kinda see how the other side isn't complete http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b130/Emi...urrent=una2.jpg here is una turning you can really see the other piece here http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b130/Emi...urrent=una1.jpg i have recently discovered fry in the pond and i have noticed one has the same exact tail as una you can just make out the tiny sliver of extra tail.
  5. you might be able to get away with it right now but when those goldies get bigger your guppys are gonna be goners. When the goldfish get bigger they could eat/beat up the frogs too. I would invest in another tank. Also GA REBEL the frogs are african dwarf and those don't get big at all if they were african clawed then you would have a problem!
  6. Bubble eyes need help when you feed then. Because of their bubbles their vision is very limited. You may need to make sure the bubble eye is hand fed so you can make sure he gets his share. Or you can get a big net and net him during feeding. Also you need to watch out for him because he is with much faster fish like your comet. Other fish can pop the bubbles one playing. Also you want to make sure you have no sharp plastic plants or tank ortaments that could pop it's bubble.
  7. I would say no. I had a friend who had a crawfish with her fish and it was always eating the tropical fish she had in there, and it would tear the fins of a goldfish she had in there also.
  8. My very big male has lots of breeding stars! But unfortuantly for him all of the girls are 10 months old! He is still chasing them and eveything. I am a bit worried he will stress the little guys out! But because the other fish are so little they can easily get away from so I am to worried. But i was just wondering how old do they have to breed? And is there any risk or anything if they breed when really young (like with mammals) Thanks!
  9. My cousin's college only allows tanks if they are under 10 gallons. It all depends on what the rules are.
  10. Well In the summer a lot of the fry were moved into the tank but some still remained in the pond. The ones that were in the pond were much bigger than the tank ones. But because the pond fry in the winter meatbolism slows so no growing. So now the tank fry are bigger. Mizuko is about 1 inch (not including the tail) And apollo the biggest out of all the fry is about a 1 1/2 inches but beacuse he is much wider than all the rest he seems a lot bigger. Apollo is the only one who lived in the pond in summer and lived in the tank in the winter so that is why i think he is so huge Also their dad was a orange fantail and mom was a calico oranda.
  11. Last but not least Mizuko. Do you think she may be an oranda considering her head looks "bumpy"
  12. This is Malaika she is a little camera shy so this isn't the best pic of her. These are just a few of my fry the others stayed in the pond these are my tank ones.
  13. This is Mei-xing. She used to be black but as you can see she is no more!
  14. This is Apollo the biggest of the bunch. He is very pretty!
  15. Well I guess i can't really call them fry anymore considering they are 10 months old now! This is Pixie!
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