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  1. still a few blue spots where the fungus is still persisting. Overall, better than before.
  2. slooowly improving. I think Alive, eating, swimming, pooping. Just the skin is still majorly messed up.
  3. I'd say about the same photo here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/FMk82hZBiAqMMbJP7
  4. Thanks, I will try this. I have been aerating with a long air stone in a full 20 long. It has been a month and he continues to recover and heal - the fungus seems to be the main problem. Should I drop the water lever to 10 gallons?
  5. Unfortunately, I added the meth blue last Sunday, before testing chemistry. So I can't get an accurate read on blue water. Regardless, he has been in the blue for 5 days and not much seems changed except that the fungus is blue instead of white. How long could/should I continue treatment before trying something else?
  6. Ill get the chemistry data up soon, but it is a 20 gallon quarantine tank that was just set up and water changed frequently. Filter is an AC 50 with foam only. Lived with 2 other commons in a 75 gallon with an overflow into a homemade wet/dry filter. Water temp about 53 degrees F. In the quarantine I used salt and AP + with malachite green. I will get some meth blue, but the dosage you provided does not say what % the solution is. I will be getting the kordon 2.3% from amazon.
  7. My large comet jumped out a month ago. When I found him, he was quite dry, but I did notice gill movement so I tossed him back in the tank. He looked like he would not recover, basically floating on his side at the top of the tank. He did show some signs of recovery, but was quickly covered with thick woolly fungus. I put him in quarantine, bumped the salt to 0.3, wiped the fungus off daily, and tried an antifungal. He seemed to improve a bit - the best is the photo taken on the 16th, but I was away for the week and the fungus is definitely back. I think the problem is the dead/dying tissue on the exposed area that was driest when he jumped. Just trying to keep the fungus off until he heals. He lost all of his dorsal and tail initially, but as you can see from the photos, they are growing back nicely. 1/6 1/9 1/16 1/25 1/25
  8. ypdmd

    Common SB autopsy

    sorry, will try to post a photo, in the meantime, here is a link https://1drv.ms/i/s!AqC3J2cNMwv97GdGWrUaOo0xd5_P https://goo.gl/photos/hEjzmKUC5SEgfUkw7
  9. ypdmd

    Common SB autopsy

    Thanks. We have seen post with collapsed swim bladders. I was just wondering if anyone knew what could cause the fluid filled swim bladders.
  10. ypdmd

    Common SB autopsy

    Forgot to mention, his body was obviously swollen and bloated on his sides and belly.
  11. One of our common goldfish started standing on their nose - nose to the bottom of the tank, struggling to back off the bottom to breathe. I did move him to QT, but he died overnight. Externally, a few dark spots on scales, slight fraying at edges of fins. Autopsy revealed completely fluid filled swim bladders. Small red spots adhering to other organs. Other fish in the tank are doing fine.
  12. My daughter took a tank water sample to school and looked at it under a microscope. Any help identifying the worm and other items? Thanks. Videos and screen capture in shared folder in the link. https://goo.gl/photos/sVqwruPZtDk8nw1Y7
  13. ypdmd

    Strange looking gill

    API Drops pH 7 Ammonia 0 Nitrates 10 Nitrites 0 Tap is generally good, did not test Tank is a 29 gallon emergency isolation tank with an AC 50 (I think, could be a 20) I did not want a strong filter as he was very weak when I put him in the tank Finished 2 weeks of metro meds about a week ago. I started the tank with media from a cycled tank. Have not changed the water since setting up. (about 4 weeks) A few weeks to the latest illness, I had salted my main 110 gallon tank to .01% - just generally did not like the look of the fish. they seem ok now. I don't remember if he went through PP when I got him or not. (At least a year ago) He generally hangs out near the bottom of the tank, but not ON the bottom of the tank. He eats just fine.