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  1. New Tank for our beloved betta

    Tha t is an amazing Goodwill score. Congratulations, it looks really nice!
  2. Unpacking shipped betta?

    Congratulations! He's super handsome.
  3. New Betta

    Congrats, Angie! What type of medium are you thinking about for the plants? Can't wait to see updates.
  4. Kokos Amazon Store

    This is sooooo cool. I promise to do my fair share of online shopping to benefit the site!!
  5. new big tank up and running

    Those are some amazing fish. I love the photo of all the celestials together.
  6. Shahbazin's Fish School

    Awesome, Thanks!!
  7. Shahbazin's Fish School

    Do you know what type of crypt is on the right side of Cee's tank and the left side of Moomoo's tank ( the large ones with purple-ish stems and leaves)? I just got one of those recently and was curious enough what it is.
  8. Some Before and Afters

    They look great, Mandy! It's really cool to see how much the colors deepen.
  9. A few tank pics

    Just get a five gallon tank and set it next to a window. You can put some house plants in it and justify it as a self-watering planter!! Of course it will be a planter with plants and fish in it, but let's not split hairs here.
  10. sonoran gopher

    Well that sounds like a fun adventure! I looked them up and they are a nice looking snake. One of those look-a-like rattler type. I hope the weather cooperates and you get your new snake sooner rather than later. Good luck.
  11. A few tank pics

    Thanks for the kind reviews everyone.
  12. 125 picture update

    Really nice, Angie!! Do you have water lettuce in there? If so maybe we could arrange a plant swap of some sort this spring??
  13. A few tank pics

    Thanks, Daniel. I just realized how noticeable the algae is in the first tank. Normally I would clean that off, but the fry needs their food.
  14. I'm not sure what it would be called. I am trying to learn more about color and tail types, but I'm still dumbfounded by much of the information so far. I think he's a metallic rose-tail. I also think he may be a dragon scale type as well, but I can't say for sure. There was another fish next to him that had the same finnage and similar coloration that was labeled a dragon scale, but I would bet these fish could have come from the same spawn even though they were labeled as different types. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Pearl appreciated them. :)
  15. A few tank pics

    I thought I would post a couple of pictures of my tanks. These tanks are both works in progress and had been neglected for a while, but they are starting to grow in and look okay. The first tank is my 20 gallon long that currently houses 5 gold barbs, 6 neon tetras, three algae eating shrimp and four bn pleco fry. I'm using this tank to learn more about CO2, fertz and lighting (hopefully). I just planted ludwigia repens, some bacopa and a bunch of scarlet temple that I'm hoping will fill in soon....we shall see. This picture is kinda random, but I like all the colors in it. The little pot has some of the mystery crypts in it that came off of the mother plants. There were around twenty of these little guys and I am growing them out to put in my new betta tank. The second tank is my 75 g and it has 6 columbian tetras, 4 bn plecos, 3 dojo loaches, 2 nerites, 1 golden zebra loach and 8,000,00000,00000,00000 pest snails. Please ignore the random mass of moss and plastic plant on the left hand side of the tank. This tank will remain low-tech at least for the time being. Hopefully it fills in a bit more over the winter and I hope to find some low-tech plants that will grow to be large......going to have to work on that. Well hopefully I will have some updates in the months to come. Until then, thanks for looking.