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  1. I have a ton of it from my hamster (non used of course) and was wondering if I could use in the tank?
  2. How about this for the cold water?
  3. hey do you have any tips on cleaning rocks/stones from the garden/river, I heard boiling water and beech and then let them dry in the sun is this correct and if so how much bleach for a full kettle of water? make that 2 kettles of water
  4. OH!!! and here is the pic of the black moor, and sorry for talking so long I was on holidays! , the one that was sick he's all good now
  5. Hello I’m Anthony James, 15 years old, major animal lover, I have four goldfish which were bought over 4 years ago, originally kept as class pets but for the past 3 years have been kept in my care, we are still amazed they are alive , They live in a tank with a filter and heater along with one black moor, an angel fish and pink tetra all over 2 years. The heater is kept at constant temperature of 26 °C (Is this alright?) for the last two years. I wanted to start a tropical fish tank, so do you have any advice on: 1) Best starter fish. 2) Best Equipment 3) Best Aquarium Size 4) Best flooring, ornaments and plants (live and plastic) I wanted a hardscape similar to this click , I was going to sell my fish tank and but two smaller ones one cold water and one tropical so how many gallons should they be and is the hardscape design suitable for both? Thanks a lot, So any tips and advice and do you recommend it? My tank:
  6. Okay so I plan to upload pictures tomorrow, what would you guys like to see?
  7. Well as you might have read my black moor was sick, now she's nearly fully recovered, So I want to get him a friend, any suggestions I was thinking another black moor but would another fancy goldfish be better? If so do you know any types that would get on with her? Also I wanted to start a tropical tank could an Angel Fish, Black Moor, Tetra and another fancy goldfish live together?
  8. Thats a Moderator that has Subscribe to the site to help keep it running How long has this forum been running? Over 13 years Wow and your still active congrats, many founders of forums do not stay active, Well I'm sure it well worth it and your members are delightful and helpful (not being sarcastic being genuine)
  9. Thats a Moderator that has Subscribe to the site to help keep it running How long has this forum been running?
  10. Wait a second number 1, "seriously consider the suggestions" I am doing their suggestions, Number 2, " insinuating that they are without manners" I never said that anybody had no manners I said that they had manners so don't twist it! Number 3, "putting down advice" When did I? Number 4, "express any sort of apology" Show me what you want me to apologies for? please quote. "Shifting blame " Again please show me when I did that. Please quote where "I Did", these things
  11. Today she was swimming before she just chilled at the bottom now she's active, I'm so happy cause I was going to take her to the vet to be killed two days ago thank god I didn't cause she looked like she was in so much pain! looking at her now it really makes me against abortion cause you can never predict what the hell is going to happen
  12. Lets count shall we two tanks for my hamster, one tank for the fish now, my black moor tank, and now I'm getting another tank!? and I want to set up a fancy goldfish tank so I think five passes the limit hahahahahhaha! Thank you for you kind words this thread is much more friendlier now cause of understanding and cooperation thank you !
  13. I don't really understand what your trying to say? 1. I answered all the questions 2. I thanked them but 3 I t doesn't matter everything is fine, there is no bad dare I say it to be cheesy "no bad water between me and any of the other members" So what do you mean?
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