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  1. Eilis

    ❤ Alberto .

    ❤ Alberto. Dear Alberto, You passed away young ; it hasn't even been a month yet. The day Hillary gave you to me with nameless, I swore to myself I'd keep you alive for at least a year, and I broke my promise. I'm so sorry. I kept telling Mom to get me an aquarium divider to part you and the Angelfish. I kept telling her to do so, but she kept forgetting, not that I'm blaming her. Mom was busy. Do you believe, my little pet, that I missed you most while I was in HK? That I bought you this beastly awesome divider that had a vegetable clip thing on one side? That I really wanted you to see it? ... But you didn't see the divider; you passed away far too young. Far too soon. I'm sorry I didn't give you enough love ; it's alright if you hate me. I would swap my life for yours ; as long as you live, I'm willing to die ; ços I didn't give you the love you deserved. The dratted Angelfish are still alive, the two dead bodies of the guppies lie on the aquarium floor. The Angelfish sure finished them off clean, god knows how. I was sure to leave a large piece of carrot and some corn in the aquarium, and I'm pretty sure the Angelfish mauled you to death, and you didn't starve. I knew there was something wrong when I didn't see a large orange ball-like thing swimming up and down or scavenging around the bottom when I returned. The place is full of your fin things, and you're pretty much covered in some weird thing. I feel terrible. If only I was more careful. If only. My family is laughing at me for crying over a goldfish, so I only have this forum to let out my sadness. Dad says he'll buy me another goldfish tomorrow, but how can I explain to him that you can't just be replaced? I'd be happy to have some goldfish company, but I fear that will die too. Even so, I may not have the same feelings of closeness between us. Last I cried this hard was over my hamster's death, which was last year. That hamster lived quite a while. Most people don't develop feelings for fish ; they don't seem like pets. You can't pet a goldfish as much as you would a dog, or call them over and have them purr at you like cats. They're more like home decorations, like what others refer to you guys to. Sure, you're a home decoration. One that I wouldn't call a place 'home' without. When I felt everyone was against me, when I felt that it was me against the world, I felt that you were my comfort. My little paradise . My angel from heaven. Maybe you secretly hated me, but I think I pretty much loved you to death. You were like my best friend; you wouldn't tell on me, you wouldn't hurt me. You would come swimming to my cheek as I pressed it against the tank wall and made me much happier. I'd sit in front of your tank for hours just watching you swim around. Alberto, thank you for giving me all this joy in my life. Thank you. Really. And we'll cross Rainbow Bridge together. ❤ Eilis. If I die young, bury me in satin. Lay me down on a bed of roses, sink me in a river, at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song. Yeah :| I was thinking of getting him cremated and make a mini shrine for him, but that would be quite a bit of trouble , and I don't wish Alberto to be something that causes a lot of trouble in our household , apparently, to my family. I want you to be remembered, in a good way. ❤ Suggestions? EDIT: Guess why there weren't pictures? Ços he was one energetic little thing, the picture not coming out as a Red Oranda, but a Big Red Blur :B
  2. My mother thought that fishes loved water hyacinths, and bought me two of the plants. I thought they looked wonderful at first, but prancing downstairs at 7 PM to feed my goldfish only to find my Redcap's face rammed up the hyacinth was not cool. :| The guppies were also dead. Only my red Oranda and two angelfish survived. What happened ? How could a hyacinth cause the death of eight fishes? I was terribly shaken. My Redcap didn't even get to have it's last dinner of it's favorite food, steamed rice. My Angelfish seemed terribly frightened, shrinking into a corner. My other goldfish, Alberto, seemed fine. He was, however, covered in white flakes earlier on when the eight fishes died. My beloved pet of nine days had died just like that, when I promised myself I would care for him, making sure he lived at least five years. I am ashamed of what I have done to not inform my mother about not buying any more plants, and that I had caused the Reaper to take the lives of eight. (Sims reference ) Yeah :/
  3. Ashlee; Yes, I know oAo I got the fish all of a sudden, though ; I thought my friend was kidding when she said she'd get me goldfish. That pathetic 2-gallon tank was used for our fish three years ago. (Of course, we didn't have the knowledge that they needed much bigger ones.) I'm trying to save up for a bigger tank , so that my parents won't have to drop so much cash on something that I've told them Id take responsibility for. What is the average price of a tank, which I assume that I need about 20 gallons or so? I may buy a 20 gallon one for my goldfish, and maybe I could have my Angelfish in the family pond, where they could probably clear off all my guppies or something. Only thing is the koi, sigh. Maybe I'll go dig around for my New Year money and see if it's sufficient. Thanks for the reminder though! And thanks for the welcomes, guys! c:
  4. Eilis


    I have purchased a goldfish today, and found out that it was an Oranda mix. A Redcap mix, with a pointier face and smaller, less round body. I think Redcaps are pretty c:
  5. Hey, my goldfish looks like that too! I am a pure novice at fish, and thought that mine was a pure oranda. Maybe that's why he doesn't look as bubbly as my Oranda, Alberto. His wen is rather conspicuous, and that's why I assumed it was an Oranda. A mix, perhaps, but I still love it nonetheless. Thanks for the pic. Sure melted my heart xD
  6. Singaporean and proud (: Got my goldfish for $2 , one was given to me by a friend. They sure brighten up my desk c:
  7. So, um, hi there c: I'm Eilis, age 11, and I hail from Singapore. I have got two goldfish on my birthday, 16 August, and used my old goldfish tank which once used to have eight goldfish , which my family bought on impulse, I'm ashamed to say. There was simply not enough space for so many, I guess. I think it's only like, two gallon or something? 8I So, I guess I'm pretty much stupid, and I killed a goldfish on the very first day from chlorine poisoning. Not letting it sit out for long enough. In a panic state, I quickly dumped treated water in a small critter tank, pushed in the external filter-air-pump , and desperately tried to save my goldfish's life. He did live (: His name is Alberto, and after much reading, I found out that he is an Oranda. Full orange in color, he is a vibrant addition to my study desk in the living room. (Which I've abandoned as Alberto was on the desk and it was much more appealing xD) Anyway, today me and Mom got to the market, and while we were there my little sister dropped a guppy into Alberto's tank. The poor guppy's tail was ripped off due to Alberto's playfulness. Anyway, I got Alberto a friend, a Redcap Oranda. Meet Alfonse. He and Alberto graze, or should I say, very violently rip the two new plants I bought for them :B I also got two Angelfish after hearing the old man say that they can live with Goldfish, but alas! I read that Angelfish were tropical fish. When I first plonked the fish into the tank, Alfonse and Alberto started to play in a very lively manner. Now, wherever one goes, the other would follow :b The Angelfish shied away from them at first and hid away behind the plants, but after tuition I found that they were braver, and started to swim around the tank. (And they are quite pretty.) I wonder if Angelfish can live in the Goldfish tank? They seem to be faring well, but ah, I'm a newbie at these kind of stuff :I I felt pretty bad for the single guppy in the tank, and fished four guppies from my family's pond. The guppies are rather big, and the goldfish just leave them alone (: They'd rather just graze on the plants all day long! Um, yeah. I hope to be a good goldfish owner. Alfonse keeps popping his head up randomly , his face surfacing from behind the laptop every few seconds, LOL. The Angelfish just swim around and look at me. I wonder if Angelfish can eat goldfish food, or those weird little plants. They are collectively referred to as Jim as for now. Um, so, have a good day ^^ Thanks for reading my nonsensical message.
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