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  1. I have kept both and my opinion is that cherries are generally more community friendly - amano shrimp are pretty greedy and will grab and claim food competitively while cherries are much more laid back. Cherries are also more high impact visually and will reproduce (amanos will not). Amano shrimp are famous for being used in planted tanks but they wont really remove algae (no shrimp really will) they just slow it/reduce new algae forming by their constant grazing action. The best thing about Amanos is theyre almost indestructable in my experience where as Cherries can be more sensitive to nitrate buildups etc.
  2. Im not sure really, I would think non-toxic marker better than tape but thats a total guess. Maybe you could mark them with lines of aquarium silicone instead? then youd know its safe?
  3. I totally didnt notice the start date of the thread sorry my bad! I just replied when it jumped up into my content feed.
  4. I have had it in some tanks no problem and others it shed and eventually died. To me it seemed like it prefers stiller waters, it never did well in tanks with big filtration and watercurrent, since you must be running decent strength filters for the GF maybe thats a reason?
  5. I think it looks like a ribbon plant (the variegated one) and two peace lillies, neither are true aquatic plants but both can be grown with roots in water and leaves/stems above the surface (ie a filterbox setup)
  6. Yeah make sure you use the shutoff valves before you open it, I am guilty of forgetting and flooding my house a bit too!
  7. @Helen: ROFL!! The tanks and fishes all look amazing Alex! I love that brown Oranda! Dash is looking super cute as always, too :]
  8. If youre patient enough you can just qt them with daily wcs & rinses for a few weeks like you would snails or shrimp, as the danger is just from transporting disease on them/in their water, you could salt at a mild level for the first few days with most plants too. Other methods are quicker but delicate plants might be better just isolated in a tub with lighting.
  9. Is there any chance that you did not remember to add prime/conditioner to the water when you did your recent wcs?
  10. They all look wonderful I love the tail on the big red Ryu <3
  11. The arrow on a check (or non-return) valve usually points towards the output end, so itd be pointing away from the pump and into the tank. If you already have it the right way but this still happens then it might be worth buying a new valve, because theyre not supposed to allow water through them the other way even if the tubing floods.
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