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  1. This thread was so helpful. I have telescope with HUGE JIGGLY FLUID RINGS around/behind his eyes (it's a boy named George). I never saw another Telescope with jiggly eyes like George until I saw the photo above-- he looks exactly like that orange one. I was worried that it was popeye or some serious problem, but he's been like that for almost a year now and very healthy. It just looks really funny when he swims really fast and it jiggles side to side. My friends think he's disgusting. hahah.
  2. ahhahha. this thread is entertaining with argument of tumor vs. not tumor.
  3. *EDIT* Okay. I'm dumb. So after reading about gph info on filters, I looked at my filters and my 20 gallon filter has 100gph output. It was FOR a 20 gallon tank, so I assumed that the output was 20gph-- I was wrong. So my filters are: 1) It's a Penguin 100 (100gph), 2) UV filter (250gph), and 3) A large overhang filter that came with the tank (used) and the guy said it's for a 100 gallon tank, but there is no name or model that I can see right now, so I have no idea what the output is (but I know it's huge). I did order an Aquaclear 110 filter due to arrive tomorrow, so I'm going to add that to my aquarium. It just makes me worried that there are so many plugs that are used for my tank, but... I'll figure something out.
  4. just testing out to see if photos work. [/img] [/img]
  5. How do I know when others has responded to my posts or if a post I previously wrote on got updated? I turned on the notifications on my setting, but I haven't received any email yet. Even on this thread, I did not know people responded to my post until I traced back my steps and found my post again. Help?
  6. Hello! I've had goldfish for years and years, but never really joined a forum before. I came across Koko's goldfish forum when looking for emergency help with my goldfish (my goldie swallowed a new panda cory that i put in the tank today-- i thought the cory was a lot bigger than it is... and my goldie had grown a lot... i had no idea how big her mouth was). Anyways, I performed surgery just now after seeing that the goldie still had the cory stuck in her mouth after 7 hours and pulled out the poor dead panda cory. My goldie's mouth is cut up and hurt, so I'm hoping that Melafix is going to make it okay for her... Anyways... I have 8 goldfish: 1) Calico Telescope (male)-- George 2) Calico Fantail (female)-- Bing Bong (the one who swallowed the cory today) 3) Red Fantail (female)-- Finny Fanny 4) Calico Ryukin-- Sky 5) Red/White Ryukin-- Josh 6) Crown Pearlscale-- Blimp 7) Red/White Ranchu-- Mungchung 8) White Oranda-- Lemon They live in a 75 gallon tank with 100 gallon/hour filter, 20 gallon/hour filter, and an UV filter system. It's not too crowded yet b/c they're not too big. I think in about 2 years, I'm going to either have to upgrade my system or give a few away. I also have peppered corys (and 2 surviving panda corys that i got today).
  7. I just performed surgery on my goldfish. I've always kept corys with my goldfish for years without any problems. I really wanted panda corys, so when I saw them at the petstore, I snatched 3 up. I thought they were pretty big, but when I put them in the tank, my largest goldfish sped up to one and sucked on up. I was freaking out and didn't know what to do. I didn't know that my goldie's mouth got THAT big even though I know that she's grown a lot in the past 2 years. I figured that she'd just eat the cory, but 7 hours later, it's still there.. and the more I research online about this problem (many seem to have had this problem of their goldies eating their corys and having it get stuck in the mouth), the more I got freaked out b/c people were sharing about cory's barbed fins and having it hurt their goldfish by getting stuck and cutting the predators up. I was going to go to bed to not worry about it so much and just see how the goldie was tomorrow morning, but I couldn't sleep (too worried and stressed). I got a pair of dull end tweezers, put my goldie in a bowl of water next to a bright lamp, then proceeded to push and prod the little fish in the mouth. I got it to turn around and finally pulled it out. Yes, it was dead (I feel like a murderer for dumping it into my tank in the first place-- the other two have been removed and put in a breeding tank with my baby corys that my peppered corys hatched 4 months ago). My goldie's mouth is all cut up and hurt with one hole on it's chin. I put melafix in the tank and hope that she'll be okay. She is my strongest fish, having grown from 2.5 inches to 6 inches in the past 2 years. I think I'm on an adrenaline kick right now. Ugh. It was horrible.
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