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  1. coco

    Goldfish of the Week Winner

    Hun for some reason all your photos that you posted are dead... If you have the photo, I will be more than Happy to show her off I'm not attempting to re-hash anything, just my explaination. Correct me if i'm wrong; but when we enter a competition, and provide you with a link, do you then not obtain the pic, and use it to create the poll vote thread, and since individuals can't access the poll vote thread, then you have the pics in your possession? Do you not use all the winning pics for some fish album etc? So regardless, if the other vids and pics are missing, you still actually possess the pic? Since only you can modify that thread. I'm not so vain as to require the pic posted. When my account was "held" without a by-your-leave, explaination etc, and actually i thought my account was blocked etc, of course for self-preservation i removed the links - whats the point of having pics and vids with no account freedom. When you came and freed the account, it was actually too late, the links had already gone. The links were not removed after you freed the account, it was before your intervention. Had your mod explained things from the outset of the pm convo, you wud have not lost your links. Actually had your mods thought to have had a pm convo, things would not have escalated. So we had 1 mod involved in a heated exchange(against mod rules), and the other mod, making matters worse, by jumping into the fray, and messing with people's accounts. Frankly had you slapped a "mod's zone only" at the D&D section, none of it would have happened. I don't believe nor feel members are allowed to help; they can agree/support/cheer-on, but not actually help. Its fine, just be clear about it. Another oddity is, just because you're a mod doesn't mean you're a fish doc - why do people assume that? (eg So the police chief who is there to keep the peace, has a say on my health too? I don't think so.) I'm really not sure what i have to gain by doing all the above to myself. So i'm just gonna assume it was done to me.
  2. coco

    Goldfish of the Week Winner

    I'm not sure why theres no photo. But i really shud thank the voters whom voted for her. ~ a BIG BIG thank you~ Its a shame, her moment was ruined, but she's ALIVE and well and thats all that really matters.
  3. coco

    alternative filter media!

    there does seem to be alot of surface area, thats why these appear ideal.......
  4. my lips are sealed i can't answer the title q.....................way too many cutesy, in my own tank and in the ones on the forum
  5. ooooohhhh....ahhh ppurple and black colour ans soft focus nice what about eddie??
  6. could i trouble you to copy and paste the form and put it here, and add your replys to it, just to confirm.
  7. the fungus fish is in the main tank? main tank 400 litre,tetratec 1200 + hang on back waterfall filter. 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 10 nitrate steady 7.4 ph 23 degrees. and your tap water is 7.4 also?
  8. coco

    alternative filter media!

    i have a external cannisters by tetratec and AC 110s......so i think the flow is there i will soak them(a gizillion times) and leave them in the conservatory to dry out- all year - southfacing and gets extremely hot i don't need them now, but its a backup when i came across the list, i thought it was fun, they were using all sorts ( even body shower scrunchies etc) etc
  9. coco

    August Photos

    i'm still figuring out my new camera too, feel kinda guilty thats its too expensive and too complex and i will never remember how to adjust everything Gorgeous pics by the way i still may return mine
  10. coco

    Soilent Green related Color Change

    i think both pics looks nice
  11. coco

    Soilent Green related Color Change

    yup my lemonhead lionhead and oranda, were going pale yellow / whitesh......now they're glowing yellowish again.....personally i love the yellowing on the lemonhead however if i had a white fish, i'm not so sure that i wud want it going yellow
  12. alex, i find it strange that you're 'not' asking the usual plethra of qs normally req'd? i also don't know why you say you are monitoring it, when; (unless you know, please enlighten me) tap ph? what water conditioner using? which test kit? QT size? and filter? I'm just trying to gage all the info? and the person has a name its kevb 123
  13. i like your title name............lol i always start my sentences to my OH with that phrase lol can we see a pic of your now 3 fishes? are they all similiarish sizes?
  14. tap ph? what water conditioner using? which test kit? QT size? and filter? both star fisheries and that site(never been, but can guess) are just fobbing u off. can you regularly post update pics, so i can see at what stage he's at at the moment i'm abit unclear as to your QT setup