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  1. I feel i'm not being listened too here ... My fish were in a large tank for 3 years, I have read about "fish capacity" etc and they had more than enough room in that tank. They doubled in size the first year (although very slowly) and then no growth for the other two years of being in the big tank. Due to a tank fault the fish were downsized to the 96, they are not stunted. They're just little.
  2. They used to be in a larger tank, they must just be small?
  3. I have been told that my fish would be fully grown at the age of about 2 years. They are now age ranging from 4 years to 6 years. I'm getting different information from this page, pet stores and information online.
  4. My Goldies arnt going to grow any bigger and they are happy (if not looking a little lost) so they can stay in there. :5:
  5. No, the fish have plenty of room in their current tank now so they will stay there. The new tank will either be sold or used as Tropical.
  6. It seems now I have no need for the other tank, the two worst off fish died in the night. They were struggling to move before I went to bed. I have 3 left. Their fins arn't badly damaged so they will be ok. Thanks for all your help guys.
  7. Ok, this isn't helpful at all. I'll go and ask the pet store.
  8. No sorry, but my husband assures me everything is fine with the water (He knows more about it than me) and the pet store agreed. So I can rule out the water, and now can rule out the Pleco, as he's gone. Do you have any tips of healing my poor little fishy fins quickly?
  9. My husband tests the water for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate using the test kit and he said the level is o.7ppm. (I really don't know much about this?) The torn fins in my fish case is from the Pleco latching onto them, I have witnessed this and so I am sure there is unlikely to be another reason. I questioned this with the pet store and they asked if the Pleco was fed regularly as they can attack when hungry, but he was fed very regularly and so should have no reason to attack from hunger. The Pleco now is no longer a problem as he will not be going back into the tank. I just have to make sure the other fish survive!
  10. I change my water 25% every 2 weeks. My Tank is 96 Litres. Everything is done properly, I think the Pleco just didn't get on with my other fish. Every fish has been battered (some worse than others) I'm not sure if they will survive. They seem ok at the moment but their tails/fins are pretty cut up.
  11. The two new fish were quarantined. Every thing was done as instructed ... but it just didn't work.
  12. I'm not doing anything yet, i'm leaving it a while. 2 of my fish have died in 2 weeks, I need to make sure there is no infection. Also my littlest Black Moor 'Fe' and my common Goldfish 'G.L.F' have badly damaged tails and fins from the Pleco. I need to see if they are going to get better first.
  13. It is the Pleco. These fish have lived together for 6 years. They are perfectly happy. The Pleco and a another fish were added 3 weeks ago and the Pleco went mad. He killed the fish he was added with, battered my littlest Black Moor and killed Old Man Bob. He was segrogated at the pet store but I thought nothing of it.
  14. I have been informed that my brother inlaw has a large tank of Catfish and Leporacanthicus Triactis (which i'm told is also a Pleco) so it can go and live there.
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