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  1. Getting warm in the UK this weekend!!!

    1. DawnMichele


      Sizzling hot & humid here in Florida.   :thumbdown

    2. koko


      slowly warming up here. had a few days at 90F but went back to Rain :) 

    3. fingers


      Soo hot here in the English Riviera!!...:thumbup2:

  2. Goldfish Of The Week Winner "fingers"

    I wouldn't wish that on anyone Shannon .... it's like singing in the shower, OK for my ears only!! LOL!!
  3. Goldfish Of The Week Winner "fingers"

    It's going OK thanks matey .... concentrating my efforts mostly on theory at the moment, taking in scales (not the fish type) and modes. Also a paid member of a website currently teaching Texas Blues technique .... I hope you are keeping well?
  4. Goldfish Of The Week Winner "fingers"

    Hi Shannon .... Just been concentrating on my latest passion (bucket list item), learning the guitar. Took early retirement several months ago, and with all the jobs "she who must be obeyed" is giving, finding and creating for me to do, I am wondering how I ever had any time in the past to work for a living. Still have the two tanks (1 cold/1 tropical), and giving them the attention they deserve, although the cold water gang have reduced in number to just two .... mainly due to old age, I just have the Cod Father and one eyed Nelson left to look after. Hope you are all well.
  5. Goldfish Of The Week Winner "fingers"

    Congratulations Squire!!! Well deserved ..... Hope you are keeping well ?
  6. Really like the new web layout Koko .... fantastic!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Phillyn17


      Hi Dawn ..

      Doing great thanks, you?

      I've not been visiting much lately due to my new hobby of learning guitar as part of my "bucket list".

      The fish are still with me and being looked after, it's just that the social side of things has had to take a back seat for a while.

      Take care!!!

      Phil ....

    3. DawnMichele


      Hi Phil. IM doing great. Thanks for asking. Lets cool your learning to play the guitar. Glad you still have your fish. I have a 55 gallon tropical tank and a 125 gallon Oscar tank. I also have a new Boxer puppy Liliana. She keeps me busy. My best to you.


    4. koko


      Hey Phil. :)

      Its getting there :) Thanks :)

  7. Tank update!

    All good Phil!!...how are you and the guitar?? :-) Good thanks Matey!! Fingers (forgive the pun) are hardening up nicely .... it's just finding the time. That's why I'm late replying to you .... up at Head Office in Leeds last week, it's just work, work, work at the moment. Take care!!
  8. Tank update!

    Your tank looks great big fella!!! How you doing?
  9. A different year, but same old rubbish!!

    1. DawnMichele


      Hope your doing well Phil!!!

    2. Phillyn17


      Great thanks Dawn ... just feeling a little OLD!!

  10. Where did the Summer go ???????

  11. Hi Shannon ... How are the family? I hope everyone is keeping well.......
  12. I respect you views, but perhaps we should politely agree to disagree ...... or this could go on forever. It was just a free tip ...... people can use it or ignore it, it's as simple as that.
  13. I fully appreciate where you are coming from ..... but when we are dealing with levels/measurements of 2.5 to 5.0ml, and several droplets of chemical additive (none of which can be accurately measured with normal home equipment), the difference in readings is so miniscule, it's not even worth considering, or worrying about. Would you not agree?
  14. Hi everyone... I think the original intention of this tip is getting a little lost, and complicated here guys... To be honest DP, sorry, I fail to understand how using less tank water and drops is making the results any less accurate. Ratio is ratio ..... if you add 3 drops to 9 parts water, it's exactly the same as adding 33 drops to 99 parts water, or 25 drops to 75 parts water ...... 33.3% or 1/3 is the same in any mixture. With regard to the substitute line I suggested be created, why should this be any less accurate that the API production line on the test tube? If measured correctly, there should be no difference? And finally, with regard to being slightly above or below the line, that could apply to the genuine API measure level just as much as the line created. Just my humble opinion......
  15. Bring on the Summer!!!