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  1. Hi Sharon .... yeah you are exactly right, he's 10 years old now and they first appeared at about 7. Mmm, you're again correct when you say they don't seem to bother him .... he eats like a gannet, and darts around like a two year old.
  2. Hi Shannon, thanks for the welcome!! .... they started about 3-4 years ago, the large one at the rear, reached its' current size after about 6 months, but hasn't got any bigger since. The remainder appeared within the last two years, but have not got so big. Actually, and as Shakaho mentioned in the previous post, they have never bothered him, or affected his mobility or health ..... I hope I never have to make the decision to euthanize him, it would be nice to see old age take its' course. I hope the family are well .... the little one must be about 5 years old now isn't she? Please give my regards to the man of the house ........
  3. Hi guys .... I hope you are all well. Sorry that I have not visited recently, but been busy on other projects. Just thought I'd give an update to those members who remember "The Family" tank (and me!!) images that I shared many years ago. I'm down to just two survivors now, "The Cod Father" and one eyed "Nelson", who are both ten years old now .... although if appearance is anything to go by, the Cod Father has been defying medical science for years. About three years ago, he started developing a large white bump on his rear end, over the time, this has grown quite large (see images) but doesn't cause him any discomfort, and he remains active despite additional but smaller growths and developing cataracts over both eyes. I'll allow them to live out their life in their current surroundings, although they've turned out to be the most pampered and expensive £3.00 worth of goldfish in the world ..... if one is to consider just the annual equipment and electric costs alone!! LOL!! Anyway, because I don't visit so often these days, I'll just take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and a very Prosperous New Year .... take care of yourselves!!
  4. Hi Shannon ... How are the family? I hope everyone is keeping well.......
  5. I respect you views, but perhaps we should politely agree to disagree ...... or this could go on forever. It was just a free tip ...... people can use it or ignore it, it's as simple as that.
  6. I fully appreciate where you are coming from ..... but when we are dealing with levels/measurements of 2.5 to 5.0ml, and several droplets of chemical additive (none of which can be accurately measured with normal home equipment), the difference in readings is so miniscule, it's not even worth considering, or worrying about. Would you not agree?
  7. Hi everyone... I think the original intention of this tip is getting a little lost, and complicated here guys... To be honest DP, sorry, I fail to understand how using less tank water and drops is making the results any less accurate. Ratio is ratio ..... if you add 3 drops to 9 parts water, it's exactly the same as adding 33 drops to 99 parts water, or 25 drops to 75 parts water ...... 33.3% or 1/3 is the same in any mixture. With regard to the substitute line I suggested be created, why should this be any less accurate that the API production line on the test tube? If measured correctly, there should be no difference? And finally, with regard to being slightly above or below the line, that could apply to the genuine API measure level just as much as the line created. Just my humble opinion......
  8. Hi there ... I experienced this problem some time ago. You can try inserting a few drops of olive oil into the little fella's mouth to aid removal with the tweezers. Alternatively, instead of trying to remove the pea, break it up in place. If you are confident you have a steady hand, pick away and break it up using the point of a safety pin. If you do not have a steady hand ... blunt the tip first. The bits of pea will either be digested, or the pieces spat out. I hope this helps you with your plight.....
  9. Sorry to hear of your loss friend ..... but at least at peace now eh? RIP Pearl ...
  10. Sorry to hear of your loss friend ..... but at least at peace now eh? RIP Po ...
  11. Sorry to hear of your loss friend ..... but at least at peace now eh? RIP ...
  12. Sorry to hear of your loss friend ..... but at least at peace now eh? RIP ...
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