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  1. It’s been many many years. Funny timing as I have been looking at goldfish on Instagram and have a brand new house with plenty of space for a new tank. I miss having goldfish my tropical tank is much easier to maintain but not as rewarding for some reason maybe I’ll create a giant tub tank and pond...
  2. Thank you. The ranchu bear Grylls is doing ok. He's still irritated but shows no other signs other than breathing heavy. He is active, scales look ok etc... Louise had signs of dropsy before she died. It was strange because originally she looked to be in better shape than bear. But I guess that was not the case. I was about to give up on goldfish but a local friend is helping me out to keep bear alive and is restoring hope into my hobby of goldfish.
  3. Pearl scale didnt make it. Very frustrated because everything was going well for a year now
  4. Unfortunately I was wrong. It looks like the pearl scale is gettin worse. She is weak and looks to be near death. I've seen her like this before when I first got her during QT so I know she's a fighter. I had to seperate her using a tank divider
  5. These guys are still kickin. No big noticeable progress at this point
  6. I put the prazi pro in this morning. I also have something in a bottle called metro +. The bottle is the same company that makes prazi pro
  7. Both are a little more active today. The pearl is not bottom sitting she was hovering mid tank near a fake plant. The ranchu is slowly swimming around but still breathing heavily Both are a little more active today. The pearl is not bottom sitting she was hovering mid tank near a fake plant. The ranchu is slowly swimming around but still breathing heavily
  8. I don't remember the last time they got prazi but it was def longer than 6 months and close to a year. Metro meds are on hand also. I'm going to check on them this morning to see any progress
  9. Yes thank you. I just feel i am too spastic to touch them and it might stress them more than help. He is big enough where I can see inside his gills a little bit. He is breathing heavy... At the same time I don't really know where the spot I should be looking is. His labored breathing appears to be getting shallower. As if its getting better. He is not bottom sitting either. He is hovering lower level of the tank. The pearl scale is just bottom sitting still. Not breathing heavy. Hopefully the salt works and we can move on from this Ps. His gills look pink
  10. I didn't check water parameters again. I would assume they are the same. Nitrate levels never rise that fast in my tank but I can certainly test for the sake of making sure. I didn't feed them today but when I turned the light on for a second they acted as if I was going to feed them. There was some stirring in their behavior which is a good sign at least
  11. No changes today. The pearl is still bottom sitting and the large ranchu is still labored breathing but moving around a little. He is not bottom sitting but more of a hovering. I don't feel comfortable handling my fish so I can I Lu examine them without touching them unfortunately.
  12. Tap ph looks like 7.2-7.4 and the tank looks like 7.4-7.6 or so. It's a tiny shade darker on the API kit. As far as gills, are you talking about inside them? As if when he expands them to breathe? The look pinkish inside. The outside of them is his normal color white like his scales/skin
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