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  1. Hi! If you're willing to pay half of shipping, I have a male wenless ranchu. Never had any swim bladder issues when feeding soilent greenand frozen foods. Let me know if you're interested in adopting him! PM me. (:
  2. Bump. He is still available. And he is only getting more tubby and cute by the day. I am now willing to ship if you want to adopt over a long distance. (We split cost)
  3. Still looking for a home! I travel around the sfbay pretty frequently. I can meet in SF, South Bay, and East Bay locations.
  4. Thanks for all the support, everyone! I'm probably going to put my dwarf cichlids in there and some fun shoaling fish, it's a 40-55gal. (I went to a fish store and realized my "40" gallon is a bit bigger than theirs). I'll keep checking this thread until it gets colder. Then I'll read the heck out of online guides for shipping live fish. (:
  5. Not sure if I am willing to ship until fall. It would be pretty hot right now and my first time shipping live fish. Maybe I should offer shipping in fall?
  6. I had two goldfish. Now, I'm down to one and frankly, never been very attached to this particular guy. All I ask is whoever adopts him have the stocking requirements of 15-20gal per fish in the tank and do their weekly water changes. I can provide 2-3 free 5.3oz jars of soilent green and beginner aquarium plants. He has never had buoyancy issues since I don't feed any dry foods. Willing to wait for the right person. I'm not in a rush, just want to use this tank for something else. I'll get back into goldfish when I can build my own pond, someday. (: Living in Berkeley, CA right now.
  7. I guess this is too late a response but here it is for future readers: I got XL driftwood from Amazon. The dirt is going well but the tank is going o-kay. I suffer from chronic rescape syndrome and that doesnt work so well with dirted tanks. Can't move my rooted plants! They're so very stuck in place. It is also no longer a goldfish tank... converted to tropical. Here is an update of the goldy tank, housing Eye of the Tiger (ranchu) and Lorenzo (white goldy). Since I introduced Tiger, I found out Lorenzo is more of a Lauren-Zoey. Tiger is quite boisterous. I recently bought 20 jungle val plants from ebay for 13 bucks. I planted them in the back right corner of the tank. They're growing quite well so far, and I cannot wait to see them hit the water surface. http://imgur.com/dcj1Q2Y Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk
  8. Swords to best with enriched substrate (substrate like dirt, ecocomplete, aquasoil) or gravel with root tabs. They will grow in low light but they grow quickly with LOTS of light. Fish favorites are soft/tender leaf plants, but it can easily be a waste of money to continually buy plants that get completely eaten. I recommend any floating type of plants that grow quickly. Mainly any floating plant: water lettuce, duckweed, frogbit, water wisteria, etc. Most floating plants grow fastest with low-high lighting and fishes love to eat 'em. If your fishies like them too much, you may have to make a farm container to keep them out until there's enough to feed them the extras. We have guides on how to do that on this forum. Fishes generally don't eat thick leaf things like anubias, java fern, and swords. That's why people recommend them, so they don't get completely chowed down. In my experience, I have had no problems if I bleached/PP. Except if the plants came from an outdoor pond... I could never quite kill aphids with either solution. (But I hear diatomaceous earth helps)
  9. Whoops. Took me too long to add my pic to the first post. Bigger than duckweed but smaller than frogbit. These are my little plants:
  10. It's a medium-high light little floater. Shipping is 6$ and item price is 10$ for two ziploc baggies of them. Please disinfect if you dislike planaria, trumpet snails, or ramshorns. I ship on Mondays.
  11. I love your picturebook story. And that last line really cracked me up. "Now I have fry I try to tell them they can't do that. They are sisters and brothers. But don't think they listen lol"
  12. Beautiful! Love your natural look. Glad you were able to get that water lettuce. You look like you've had your comets for a looong time. Got any cool stories? (:
  13. On my 40long, I enjoy having two AC70s. It really minimizes the gravel vac time because they suck up the crud from both sides now. I used to spend forever with my arm in the water.
  14. I have two AC70 filters at both ends of my 40 gal, which is also 4 ft long. I think it's more effective than just upgrading to 1 big filter because it creates more circulation and can better clean both sides of the tank. It has greatly reduced my gravel debris and gravel vac time. Plus, there's always a fully working filter every time one of my filter intakes get clogged, which admittedly is more often with a planted tank like mine. It also sounds like you might have greenwater, the suspended algae in the water that is more healthy for fish but unsightly on the eyes.
  15. Update 6: A little snail can be a big mess. A few months ago I was growing out azolla at a window. One week later, I packed up my azolla for the move and I found poop at the bottom... After removing plants: Before grow-out: The culprits!! Two baby common ramshorn snails. Even little critters can be big poopers! Proof that every living creature needs their water changes, even a couple snails in a bowl.
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