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A little bit about myself. I have had fish and other pets in the house since I was born. Even though I helped out I really don't start my personal aquatic hobby with I was 14. This is when I became really into fish. Over the summer I read every fish book the library had to offer and after that I had other book transferred in form other library's. My first personal fish was a pair of Blue Paradise Gouramis. I kept them I one gallon jars. From the old books I read this is how it was done. Shortly after purchase I began breeding them. This was the greatest, nature in my house. No more colored gravel and plastic in my tanks for me (I have used plastic plants for QT and breeding cover). With in the next two year the basement was filled with 16 full time tanks for breeding African Cichlids and keeping other fish. I then started a tank maintenance business. A real business with a licence (co signed by my father). At this point I was selling to wholesalers and selling fish out of my house. I then began a working for a large chain. I remained there for 6 1/2 years. According to my corporate boss ,Bob Finner, we ran the most successful for in the chain. I also worked with corporate and wholesalers to cut fish loss and improve sales. I finally quit because of store politics and low pay. I then got a better paying job and worked on the side as an aquatic consultant for other stores and vets. Sometimes they paid, other times they just let buy things at wholesale prices and other times I did for free. Since then I have just been a hobbyist. I am thinking about breeding and showing fish again. I am also designing tanks and am working with a friend who will be opening a fish and reptile wholesale business. I owned a pet store for about a year with a friend in Spokane, WA. I late decided to move to Western Washington and sold my half. I recently tried to see if it was still running. I couldn't find any indication that is was. I also volunteer for our local zoo and aquarium and am in a Vet Tech program. I have also shown fish, reptiles and tanks for three years. I believe I did very well.http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x391/fireevt/Fish/100_0869.jpg I have kept almost every kind of fish and tank although I have never owned a pond. Well I think that covers the basics.

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