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  1. Both need to just have their roots in the water, but they'll be fine with no gravel or dirt. Bare roots in water would work very well. Why do they lie.........hmmm.... who knows? Because the employees don't know any better and this is what they were just told? Because they do know, but the most important thing for them is make sales? If you choose to shop at the chain stores, you need to go in armed with your own knowledge so you don't have to rely on the intentional or innocently oblivious advice you get. Best bet for your fish and plants needs is to find a good lfs. so ur saying i can just have them float on the water and they would continue to grow
  2. So can the acorus one grow with the tip above the surface? why does petmart lies.. they say it can all grow completely under the water...
  3. So just the roos in the water eh? does it have to be in the gravel? or just need water is ok?
  4. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/560/screenshot20110827at121.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/853/screenshot20110827at121.png/ Thanks
  5. Also for the two grass thing, are they white and green acorus? Can they all still grow in the water???? I got this from petsmart... and just realized that mondos dont.. I tried putting on images, but dont know how... it's not on website, it's on my own computer.
  6. There are male, but I am sure it's not the same male that got her pregnant lol? O and I Posted this to the subforum. Thanks!
  7. I understand this is goldfish forum, but I am sure there are a lot of experts knowledgable about minnows. I got this rosy red minnow oever 1 inch long from the store last day, and it got a huuuuge belly, it does seem to me that it is pregant. Now I heard that minnows lay their egges but dont get pregnant? I also thought maybe it got disease? but from its sympotoms, it is very agile, and healthy. So I guess they do get pregnant? How long does it take to lay eggs? it's been 4 days already.
  8. my fathead minnow (which looks quite wild) nibbles my comet goldfish, which is bigger than him. I have caught that several times, and my comet goldfish just quickly runs away, is it a problem? Most of the time, it seems ok, but sometimes when they get close, that minnow always tend to poke him a few times, and sometimes follows rite after my goldfish
  9. it's just i want the wind current to move the water and that will probably affect it, I am still looking for stuff to cover over
  10. the biggest problem that I am concerned about is getting stolen by the bird...
  11. since I found there is natural wind moving the water surface well for enough oxygen and they get nice natural light also natural day to night routine everyday, off course, I wont put it in direct sunlight, my balcony is quite good, it always get enough light, but never too much. was wondering anyone do that?
  12. THe cup is very hard, I assume it is plastic? But basically it's one of those cups (not instant ones, it's permanent)that we can use to drink anything from. It even has a small icon showing you can eat or drink in it. Since it's food safe for us, I assume it's ok for it to be in coldwater rite? so my goldfish have a place to hide in.
  13. Actually I only want java moss, that's all I would liek, but then it's just so hard to find... my near by petstore dont have it..
  14. u can actually grow corkscrew val without gravel? like how you just tie java moss to anything and it will grow?
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