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  1. Welcome to Koko's! You'll definitely love it here! I love the sound of your pets, I love horses too, but unfortunately don't have one Used to have budgies though! Also like the sound of that aviary and indoor pond ;D
  2. Thanks! Can't wait to get it all up and running properly
  3. They're all gorgeous! I hope the first one's fins heal quickly for you, good luck with the QT
  4. They are all beautiful! Titan has some fantastic colouring, how I'd love a Ranchu like that... you're very lucky, congrats!
  5. Hey guys! Not much has happened today, all the fish are well! I spoke to my mum about getting real plants for the new tank and if so, that I'd probably need to treat them 'cause our LFS' here are prone to having snail infested plants. So hopefully on Friday I can go and get some plants ready to treat for when the tank is all up and running! I'm thinking of getting swords, anubias, a moss ball or two and maybe a banana plant if I can find one! They look so cute! I wanted anacharis for a while but figured seeing as some people have problems with them, as a plant noob it'd be best I avoid them for now Also on Monday my friend and I are going to the local hospice again, so I can hopefully get the hood and filter for my tank! *crosses fingers* The I will have the tank in it's entirety Finally, I think I'm going to try building a nice sturdy stand for the tank, as my dad doesn't think my box shelf uni will hold it, even though its really strong. So I might have progress pics of a stand too! We'll see how to goes! Hope you're all well, and thanks for reading P.S Yesterday I took some progress pics! You can find them here if you haven't already seen them!: http://www.kokosgold...progress-chart/
  6. Thanks guys! Glad you like the pics I can't wait to see how big Kuchi will grow this year, I have no idea how much growing to expect so hopefully next year I can make another progress chart ^^ Lenny is a crazy guy alright, right now he has his head under the pink tube with his butt in the air! I used to be worried he'd think he was a goldfish and not a loach, apparently he seems to think he's an ostrich....
  7. Aww she is adorable! Congrats!
  8. Wow they are both beautiful! You are very lucky to have them Congrats!
  9. Hey guys! So today during a water change of Artemis and Midas' tank, I figured it would be a good time to get some new photos! I didn't have a spare bucket, so I put them in with Kuchi and Lenny during the WC, so was able to get some group shots, and thought you guys might like to see! Lenny coming out to say hello! Artemis, Midas and Lenny chilling out by the silk plant. Kuchi, all big, strong and handsome! And then I was looking at old photos of them, whilst uploading these to facebook and that's when I realised just how much he had grown! I mean they all have grown, but Kuchi's growth is crazy in just a year! (It feels like I've had him forever!) CRAZY, right? But still just as adorable Sorry there aren't more pics, but they just don't stay still long enough! XD I can't wait til they are all in the big tank together! Hope you enjoy!
  10. Aww she's adorable! :3 Can't wait to see what colours she ends up being! My ranchu started with a white tummy, now he's completely yellow! So you never know
  11. Congrats! She sure is cute! Also loving the Land Before Time reference ;D
  12. Thanks guys! @dnalex Ah that's good then, not TOO bad, though it could be better. They aren't too big thankfully, I think they may not grow anymore as they have been the same size for a couple of years now, but we'll see! @Courtney AH Thank you! That was so helpful! Kinda upset about the Hydrometer though, it looks pretty cool, shame it's no use >.< But I will definitely use those other things when the time comes! And pictures will be on the way as I progress. Thinking of getting some PP to help get rid of snails, as I want to get some real plants for this tank, but my LFS is prone to snail ifestation and stuff D: Is it okay to buy the stuff off Amazon (like this: http://amzn.to/Jm38Bj ) or do you need a certain type just for fish? I'm a real plant care noob here, I am doing research but I still have some questions, clearly. I think snails are cute but I sure don't want them running wild in the new tank!
  13. Hey everyone! Long time no blog. Sorry for the absence, but today, I come baring pics! So last week I went to the hospice charity shop and there was this HUGE tank and I was like FJUEDFODES IT'S WONDERFUL. I asked the guy how much it was selling for. It had only just arrived so he said £30-35, which I had from easter. They needed to test the electrics and said they'd call. THEY DIDN'T. So me and my friend went today and there was a 2nd hold on it. I was like WHAT NO IT'S MINE BACK OFF! haha In the end the man (different than the one last week) said I can have it for £30 so my friend paid for it with his card for me (I got him in to keeping fish too, so he understands why I fangirled over it!) and now it is mine! Here are some pics: It's a 55gal. If I've done my calculations right, I should require 60gal for my fish. (I have 2 singles, a fancy and a loach, can someone verify this for me? I kept getting mixed results and confusing myself!) so I should be able to fix them up with an extra filter and it would be okay. Of course I'd love it to be perfect size for them, but for £30, it's not just the biggest tank I've come across but a hell of a bargain too! Included in the £30 was LOADS of stuff. I got these 3 ornaments with it, I love the castle ones, but I might get rid of the log one and get another castle like one at the pet shop so it has a consistent theme. I got a load of sponges too, but I don't know if I'll actually need these or they fit in the filter, but they are still good to have. There was also this little purple flower thing which is cute, and purple is my favourite colour, so bonus there! It also came with 4 books! My dad keeps tropical fish and I have claimed some of them as my own, so the two tropical books may come in handy there, and the aquarium owners manual sounds like it may talk about all types of fish (I haven't actually checked) but I like having fish books to flick through and learn from either way. It also came with (yes I made a list 'cause it was CRAZY): Pleco Wafers (I gave these to my dad) 6 small airstones 2 packs of mini air filter pads Air tube connecters (pack of 6) 3 air taps for the pump (I think they are all double ones too.) 2 cages/clear plastic boxes with carbon pellets in them (not sure how to use them... do I just stick them in the filter?) Some sucker pads and a clip for the sides of the tank. Some check valves (no idea what they are either) 3 thermometers Some clear tubes for the filter (one had an airstone + tubing inside it? I don't get it hah) A broken siphon D: derp. A Red Sea Hydrometer (again, no idea! it has a thermometer on it, but I don't know what the Hydrometer does, is it water pressure?) But yeah! Bargain right!? Hopefully I can get the hood, filter and other electrics on Friday, and begin the cleaning, setup and cycling asap. I think they are going to love it!
  14. Wow that looks amazing! Congrats on getting it, I can't wait to see it all done up and full of goldies!
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