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  1. Thank you so much for being the voice of the poor fish! Have they replied yet?
  2. Indeed so! The fish must be so traumatized. And to think people are loving it.
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3194073/business-owner-gets-sick-of-vans-broken-headlight-filling-with-rain-so-he-puts-a-goldfish-in-it/ He even drives the truck around. There is so little water in there. Imagine the trauma the goldfish faces ever day when he drives around. He bumps into the headlight body. And if the lamp still works, the poor fish is being heated and cooled, not to mention the exrteme brightness that blinds him. And this sick idea is being applauded by people. Is there a way we could contact him or the store and file a petition to make him stop this and release the goldfish into a better place?
  4. bagh

    Goldfish Teeth and other Photos

    Gee! This is amazing! I've always wondered if goldies have teeth! I could swear I'd seen some in a big goldfish. But I could never have been sure. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.
  5. Thank you for the prayers you left for him.
  6. I'm so sorry, Angie, for the delayed reply. These three days, I was held up, and couldn't come online. The vet said the hip had a hairline fracture, but he was going to be okay. He said pups heal better than adult dogs, and he didn't need plaster. He gave a medicine to ameliorate the pain and another to dissipate the haematoma. By God's ample grace, he is almost running now (with limping).
  7. Really? Okay? I'll get some Pedigree. You can also give the pup some rice mixed with ground or finely chopped meat, if you can't get to the store right away. Feed a little at a time though, so he doesn't get an upset stomach. Glad he's doing alright. Those beautiful blue eyes! (are they blue? ) soooooooooooo, are you and your mom considering keeping him after he's recovered? Thank you! Yes, you noticed it! His eyes are blue as the Arctic Lakes! Yes, we've planned to keep him for now. After the winter, we are planning to take him to his mother and his littermates, and give him the right to choose us or them.
  8. Really? Okay? I'll get some Pedigree.
  9. I am very glad to say that the Almighty Lord has manifested a Christmas miracle through this precious little puppy. He can stand up on all fours now, albeit with some difficulties in the front left and rear left leg. Thank you for all the kindness and love you’ve shown us along the way. You Kokonuts mean a lot to us, indeed, holding us up emotionally. I could never thank you enough, wonderful people! He drinks milk laced with Multivitamins and a homoeopathic painkiller. Shall go to the veterinary hospital tomorrow for an X-Ray of the hind leg.
  10. Thank you very much, wonderful people, for sending healing vibes his way, and for your kind words. He is sleeping now. When I go near him, he looks up. I'll keep you updated.
  11. I was passing through the streets tonight, when I found a puppy curled up in the middle of the road. I was planning to get down from the motorcycle and shift him to the side of the road, when I saw an effing motorcyclist speeding through the middle of the street. As fate would have it, he ran over the puppy with both the wheels. The first wheel knocked him off his feet, while the rear wheel ran over his chest. I yelled at the rider, but he hardly stopped. (Need I say it, the motorcyclist was a Dominos Pizza Delivery boy, and it was the delivery motorcycle. It seemed he hardly knew how to ride.) And that's it. He sped off, and the puppy's intense cries (and my cusses) had brought the people of the neighbourhood to their balconies. No one came forward to help. The puppy lay, flat on his back, his cries waning. I thought he had breathed his last. The mother dog came to attack me, so I kept a distance, and called my mom to the scene. I fended off the mother dog, while my mom brought the half-alive puppy home. I do not know if he has suffered any sort of internal haemorrhage. We know not what the morning holds for him. Today morning at the first hour, we're planning to take him to a vet. Lord, help him.
  12. Wow! What an amazingly cute goldie! Looks like my Usher!
  13. bagh

    How to disinfect tank/equipment?

    I'm sorry about your poor fishes. How is the last one doing right now? Best wishes so that he pulls through. I'm sure experts would help you diagnose the underlying cause of this problem. As for the disinfecting part, I use Methylene blue, until the water (of course without fishes) turns deep blue to black under normal lighting, soak it for 5-6 hours, rinse repeatedly, until there is a very faint colour left in the water that you add. Keep in mind that Potassium Permanganate, Methylene blue, Malachite Green, all are potent stains and will stain your silicone sealant.