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  1. It is always possible it may not have been a real BN Pleco. Not all fish act the same though, so it is always a chance unfortunately. Maybe a female BN Pleco will be gentler. Mine was anyways. Just so you know, a regular BN pleco can live 30+ years, but an albino one might be only half. I had snails in my tank too...MTS and another kind that didnt reproduce, but laid these ugly eggs everywhere that would never hatch... Just so you know, regular goldfish have less health issues then fancy ones, and live longer, in general. In the fancy kind, my fantail ones were doing better then the other kind. That said, cant mix fancy and regular. I wish i had done regular... yes, it means less fish in the tank, but, less heart pain losing them too. Another thing i would like to do next time is to provide RO / filtered water instead of tap water, and did more of the do your own veggie food most of the week, with 1 to 2 days with meat / krill, 1 day fast.
  2. Thank you Alex and Shakaho for sharing this info. I may have to experiment and add 1 single tail to my group of fantails and see.
  3. Thanks for all the post, specially from Dnalex original post. Not owning single tails at the moment, I was hoping for realistic huge improvements switching from fantails to single tails eventually in the long run. I was always under the wrong impression that I could hope for 5 years from fancies, and 15-20 years from Common Goldfish, as an average of course, and not an average of 6 - 8 for single tails... I have all fantails in order to be close to the single tails, no more of the other types for me eventhough my wife complains that they just look like normal goldfish, wanting to make my chances higher at a stronger breed and life expectancy and lesser disease due to body being too compacted because of modified genes. I cannot currently hope for a pond, I am restricted to aquariums....
  4. Hi, if I am reading this correctly, the results are more for the fancy type goldfish right? I am wandering on results for Comets / Common goldfish kept in a coldwater aquarium, such as a 75g planted one. Or how about the fancy Fantail only, again in a coldwater aquarium. What are your experiences with these 3 types?
  5. well, I also found the following on water lettuce, which is what i really had just added in my tank. I guess i confused the water letuce and water hyacinth (though some sites are showing both as toxic). See this link bellow on water letuce as toxic: http://www.ehow.com/list_6628387_poisonous-water-plants.html I have always seen this everywhere, and even got it for free from a fellow member's aquarium, but obviously, he didnt have fish that taste everything in their path, ie goldfish, and i took for granted that if it was at big al's with goldfish, it must be ok. It is possible it is something else, but with what hapened to the maker of this thread, and my recent death of a guppy, and my black moore sifting for air, although i like the look of this, i wont be puting it back with goldfish anyways. Might try it in a shrimp tank though, or fish that dont nible at everything. I have my watter letuce in a glass vase, they have beatifull roots, really like them though. When one gets attached to goldfish, one doesnt want to take the risk. Anyways, maybe you would like Amazon Frogbit, i cant find anything on the web saying they are toxic, and they look sort of similar, and are beautifull too. That said, i am treating my goldfish in a 10 minutes bath with Methylene Blue, to remove possible poisins. I am using 1 ml in a 2.5 gallon water for the bath. I had previously had poisonous plants in my tank, Philedendron / Photos (only roots in the aquarium actually), and had someone check with the vet, and they suggested the Methyl Blue for this poisonous plant, to help anyways, as damages may become permanent. It did, i eventually healed the affected fish. I think the gulping is diminishing, hopefully will have him back on its feet. Also doing alot of water changes and adding carbon to help (not sure if it will).
  6. well, just googled Water Hyacinth for toxicity, and some websites are mentioning it is toxic to cats and dogs. I cant believe this, they have these everywhere in Big Al's and forum with people using these. I am extremely furious. I am goign home and taking all mine out!!!! http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/661/ http://www.aspca.org/Pet-care/poison-control/Plants/water-hyacinth.aspx
  7. weird coincidence that i added some plants, one of them water hyacinth, and noticed the next day that a guppie died, and one of my goldfish started sifting air from the top more often.
  8. I know its probably too late, but FishSimpai sells Metro-Med in Canada.
  9. nibbling is the reason i am into fancy goldfish more than any other fish . They are extremely social, and this is why i love them the most.
  10. Ok, I thought about the water changes you mentioned, such as 70 - 80%, and thought of the following: If that much water changes, isnt that like putting the goldfish in a new tank, wouldnt all the water parameters could change? Dont we acclimatize fish before introducing them to a tank? Even if it is not a problem for the bacteria (though all my water turned white in a 10g tank when i did 80% water change once, as bacteria bursted out to re-multiply), wouldnt fish be affected by the sudden new fresh water conditions (again, if we are in the 70 - 80% water change levels, vrs a max of 50%)?
  11. I personnaly had bad experience mixing fancy goldfish with commets/normal goldfish. When you make a choice of which 2 - 3 to keep, probably best to have either only fancy types togheter, or normal/commet ones togheter. But in fact, it is supposed to be 20G per normal/commet goldfish, and 10G per Fancy goldfish actually, so maybe 3 fancy or 2 commets. What were your two first fish anyways? As others have said, probably best to bring it to a reputable petshop or putting a free add on a local site to rehome the rest.
  12. Hi Everyone, Just wandering if people are doing this, and why yes/not, mix fancy goldfish with a TRUE siemese algae eater. Is it possible, is it bad? What is the minimum number one can have of the SAE? Can i have just one with 5 fancy goldfish? I also have a BN Pleco too actually. Thanks
  13. pls let me know if you find a solution to this, as i am having the same problem. Sometimes, what i do to spicen up their lives, and get them activated for a little while, is to hid some algua wafers in the plants right after they have finished eating or when they are not as hiper as to follow my every move. After 10 minutes, they are all throughout the tank looking for that hidden food, and they start snifling the whole tank for more food. It works, for a time, but eventually, they go back to that sleep mode again, or at least some of them do. So pls let me know if you find a solution.
  14. ah, i see now, so that fountain / air stone made the difference, and i now see the oxygen deprivation problem. Also, at the time, i didnt have live plants, but that certainly can help too for shades. Thanks for the tips.
  15. ok, well, thats great the temps are staying cool, just that i had tried the cheap kids pool in my younger years, and it was working great, till one weekend day we left somewhere for the whole day, and I think there were no shades (not 100% sure), and half of the fish died from the heat the same day. Maybe it was an isolated case, but i had covered it up ever since in the hot summer days, and did not have the same problem happen again. Perhaps the reason was with a kid pool, it has a wide area of sun contact, and low depth of water, so more sun heat can get into it. Just curious Shakaho, were your fish in a small Kid Pool as well with the varrying temps with large lenght and very little depth, not like the nice link you sent with the strong rubbermaid pool that seems to have a nice depth?
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