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  1. Do you know if it's possible to do it over email instead of over the phone?
  2. I tried looking all over the place about this but couldn't find anything... But buying from the goldfish connection auction, how does it work after winning a fish(paying, shipping, etc)? Thank you for any info!
  3. Well I thought I knew better then this but apparently not. The other day I accidentally killed my ryunkin, Tails while doing a water change. I walked away for one second and... He was very badly injured and I ended up deciding to put him down with clove, I just couldnt stand watching him suffer and knowing that I caused it. I have never cried so much over a fish before. He was my first goldfish and he was the friendliest of the my group. If you haven't learned from my post and others like it DO NOT leave your gravel vac unattended, it really sucks to learn the hard way. My sun conure passed away just two days before this, it's been a bad week...
  4. Thats why I post my videos as unlisted to avoid the ignorant comments, lol. And your fish are amazing wow!
  5. Oh and beautiful tank! I wish I had a better light so I could have more live plants on my goldie tank.
  6. You can buy it right now from dr foster and smith online and not pay shipping if you buy 49 dollars worth. Well its either free or 5.99 shipping for heavy items. But I just bought 80lbs of plant subtrate from them, its a good deal because I can't find the stuff in stores. But the free or cheap shipping ends in july I think.
  7. I just ordered an other fluval 405 so I'll have almost 700gph on the 50g, should do well for being slightly over stocked, lol. It has the same type of hosing but I'm hoping there is some way I can clean them out every few months, the fluval 05 series is so quiet I love them.
  8. well actually first I would have to find out the measurements on that thing first to see if it would fit through my stand door lol, that thing is a beast.
  9. Cool thanks! Well maybe the hubby and I will make a weekend trip of it and go and check out that oranda store, I'm curious to see it although maybe it would be a bad idea since I dont have room for anymore goldfish lol. But it would be nice to find a shop that had plants I want so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping all the time. There used to be a dedicated fish shop over in vista but they have since closed in the recession. Most shops are down in san diego which is about a half hour away which isn't too bad I guess.
  10. Bah our tv and net have been down for two days so I haven't been able to read through here much, its tough on an android phone, lol. But I do have a question, I've been thinking about getting a fluval fx5 for my goldie tank. It's a 50 gallon and will eventually have 5 goldfish in it, I know a little over stocked but I do extra maintenance on it and test the water everyday already. My question is since the fluval fx5 does little over 600gph would it work as the only filter? It would just be nice to reduce how much stuff is plugged in.
  11. Really? That is so weird. I have bought both here. Oranda Aquarium right now has both in stock. Can they get in trouble for that? Bought what? If you mean the plants, the supplier I usually buy from online won't ship them to California so I just assumed they were since so much stuff already is, lol. And it sucks, that oranda store is about two hours away from me I think.
  12. Lol I love that first one.. She's like please can I has some food, pleeeeease
  13. I do have a source where I get them though lol... Have to be careful though, we have pretty strong border patrol here :
  14. It's illegal here in California too along with hornwort, water sprite and a bunch of others but a lot of things are illegal here because of our climate for example, gerbils, ferrets, some parrots, etc. Sucks
  15. I do the same too with my python.. With my physical health theres no way I can lug around buckets... In all of the 12 years I've been keeping fish I've never had a problem not aging the water first. And this was in my personal tanks and shop tanks when I used to run a few fish departments.
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