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  1. Hmmm Now I Can't Decide...

    I love my sand.... with plants potted in glass containers.
  2. Hmmm Now I Can't Decide...

    I love my sand.... with plants potted in glass containers.
  3. My Tvr

    They are some of Paul's that I got from another friend when he was culling down. I think they'll be good seed fish though.
  4. Water Spider

    EEEEEEW! I would freak... I hate spiders! especially the little ones! Creepy little buggers.
  5. Starting A Malawi Cichlid Tank

    I think I might add some driftwood as well...
  6. My Tvr

    Thank you.
  7. My Tvr

    My Matsuyama x Itoh born 03/11 My Suzuki x Kageyama born 11/10 These guys are my favs
  8. 40 Gallon Acrylic Going to do a couple of Red Empress and some P. Saulosi
  9. New Oranda Is Finally Here!

    Congrats! Lucky you!
  10. On The Subject Of Filters

    I have Emperors and canisters, but my favorite is the system on my TVR tubs. It's a DIY, sump basically. The water overflows into a container with bioballs and floss, falls again into a reservoir where it is pumped back into the tubs. It's efficient, effective and easy to deal with. It really is the best system I have and I've never yet had a problem with it. I wish my tanks weren't all tempered on the bottom, else I would set up sumps in them.
  11. Thanks so much zenfish!

  12. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! That pic you posted in the GOTW poll is amazing. I love artsy shots and that one's a keeper.

  13. Ah, okay. I just really can't see it on my monitor... laptops, ugh...
  14. Always, Always, Always QT your new fish. Having said that, did you say that the fish has pearlscales? Cause I'm not seeing pineconing... Maybe it's just my screen. What are you guys seeing that says dropsy to you? Dropsy is not contagious, it is a symptom of severe problems with parasites, liver, heart, or kidneys. Has the pineconing progressed? I would try to get an idea of what I was treating for before I treated as well. Parasite treatments are dangerous and there is no cure-all. If you can, borrow a microscope and do a scrape. Treat for the most lethal problem first and go from there. What is going on with the other fish? Be careful not to get worked up and start seeing problems where they don't exist. That's what I do, one fish acts funny and all the sudden I'm seeing problems everywhere. Good Luck, I'm hoping it's just pearlscaling we're seeing and nothing serious. Please keep us updated!
  15. Pork Chop Has Body Guards! Loooool!

    Gorgeous new fish! I think Porkchop better come live with me though. Hard to compete with those giant ryukin.