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  1. Hello everyone! It's been a while, and I've been loving my goldies, but unfortunately I'm going back to school soon, and I'm going to have to rehome them into my friend's pond (sad for me, but good for them). So I have enough bb's for a 40 gallon tank, but I'm only going to take a two-gallon tank with me to school. I'm thinking of getting either a betta or a couple ghost shrimp, something that would only need a really simple, minimal filter. I'm not exactly sure when I would get the inhabitant. Maybe a day, maybe a week. If I take some of my media with me and keep it wet and intermittently aerated, how long will the cycle last? Also, is it okay to keep a betta in a 2 gallon tank? I've heard differing opinions about the minimum they need.
  2. When my fish were new, I would dangle my fingers in the water and leave them there, just to let the fish get used to me. Eventually they came up to nibble and investigate. Once they did that, I started with big flakes, which are easier to hold on to, then the little pellets.
  3. I was thinking a small school of fish, one or two varieties. My dad's interest seems to ebb and flow, so I get the feeling I will have cycled the whole tank for nothing.
  4. So I'm going back to school soon, and my parents do not want the responsibility of upkeep on my two goldfish. (They feel that I'm too strict about water changes and feeding, thanks to Koko's ) They (the fish, not my parents) are going to go live in a friend's pond, which I'm happy about, even though I'll miss them. Anyway, we have the 40 gallon breeder. My mom likes the idea of a sort of aquatic garden where she won't feel guilty if a plant dies. My dad wants some pretty fish. I'm looking for some hardy, low maintenance tropicals, and I'd like to keep it very lightly stocked so he won't feel overwhelmed by the upkeep. I'm completely ignorant about tropicals. Does anyone have ideas?
  5. Hey there! You've gotten a ton of great advice already. This spring I was in a pretty similar position to you-- I had two goldfish sort of thrust upon me, but now they're doing well in a 40 gallon tank. It's great that you want the best for them. Goldfish are great pets, and things get easier once you're all set up and cycled.
  6. Nice to see a Poughkeepsie resident! My boyfriend goes to Vassar, and I'm at Bard. I hope you'll enjoy yourself here!
  7. Mike, you warm my heart so much, it could replace the heater you're giving away. Unfortunately, my heart cannot be used as a nitrite test
  8. I'm awfully sorry, Jade. I hope he pulls through!
  9. It's lovely to have another latin nerd here!
  10. Not yet. As of now, he is more interested in food. He does so not care every time Hugo is about to lay eggs, so I think he is still too young. But in a year this might be a whole different story Lol I stand corrected
  11. Just noticed this topic...Dave is beautiful and he's very lucky to have you!
  12. Congratulations on your new addition! Chocolate in a moor sounds gorgeous. I hand feed my two, even though they don't need it. It's fun and a great way for us to have some special two-on-one quality time.
  13. I can't believe I missed this thread! That's Bito on top, and Cow, his common friend, below him.
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