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  1. Hey guys, today I wnna share something with great grievance, I've lost 3 of my self bred's. There was an overload of ammonia in the water and some developed dropsy and swollen eyes. I've added in some antibiotic power and added Tetra fin rot medication because some has got fin rot as well. Just yesterday they were fine and woke up this morning and fed them but they shown little interest. So I net some of them up and saw some fin rotting development. As of now, they are slightly better and are swimming around normally. fingers crossed, will keep you guys posted on their progress.
  2. Yup I am eagerly awaiting their growth and color development too. Every single day BuggyBear.
  3. Yes fingers crossed and I do need lots of luck. Will update again as they develop.
  4. Thanks I hoped they develop for the better. Will do my best to groom them up. Will update again.
  5. Thank you very much for your kind words and for going through the videos.
  6. Howdy people, These are some of the videos to share about the humble self-breds goldies I have and they are into their third month now. Will be posting more in the future to share with everyone. Please check out the videos below.
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