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  1. There is nothing I find more relaxing these days than lying back and watching my fish swimming about their tanks when I wake up first thing in the morning or before I head off to bed. Its peaceful and they give me a sense of purpose. I love them. This is the home of my three goldies. One large calico ryukin I called Apple, a small calico Ryukin I called Strawberry, and a small red cap oranda I called Pocky. It is a 35 gallon and has been running since I was in grade seven, which is about seven years ago now since I became very interested in aquatic life and I rescued a tiny red cap oranda from death.. my younger cousin was keeping him in a one gallon, and wanted to get rid of him, so I took him into my own hands and found this site and bought a 10 gallon and everything for it. Couldnt have done it without the help is this site, I guess I never totally thanked you guys, thought I would throw that in there. I will take pictures of the guys later tonight I think and post them in the goldfish photo section if anyone is interested. and here is my fairly new tropical tank.. started running it maybe just over half a year ago. Home of five neon tetras and a dwarf frog I picked up yesterday. I might be looking at getting some male fancy guppies tonight. I will post pictures if I do. and here is my new beta I picked up yesterday! My other one passed away after having him a few years sadly. He seems quite at home though, a bubble nest has already started to be built after a couple of hours only. I might have a job in the fish section at this pet store I used to work at two years ago, I am very excited. They never let females work out front, but I might be the first one since opening years ago. I have bought my fish there for years, and I was a hard worker when I worked in the back with the puppies, birds, and rodents. Wish me luck!
  2. So I have decided I want to redecorate my goldfish tank. I wanted to get a natural look going, so I wanted to buy some natural gravel and fake plants.. but my question here is, should I keep some of the old gravel due to years of the good bacteria build up? I have had this tank going for five or six years with the same gravel, so should I just lay the new stuff on top? Its been FOREVER since I set a tank up, so if I remember right I just let water run through the new stuff.. Thanks for any answers... and I am so sorry if this is somehow posted in the wrong section.
  3. Thanks so much everyone this really helped! I might try keeping some in mesh or something and just put a new layer over it.
  4. Im unsure if this is the right place to post this, but this was my best guess.. if Im wrong, sorry! I was just wondering.. I was wanting to put new gravel into my goldies 35 gallon tank because its really faded since I have had it for about five or possibly more years. But I was thinking, theres probably good bacterias built up in it. I was just wondering the best way to change the gravel over since I want a compleatly different colour and sort of a tank make over since its been the same for years. Anything would help, thank you!!
  5. Thanks guys! Yeah, the telescope is really big, hes probably the second biggest fish I have ever owned.
  6. I am sooo in love with all of these fish you just posted!
  7. I used the flash because otherwise it was blurry.. I wish the lighting in my room was better, but it should be in a while when I move to my new room. and this one is for my art page.... its called "Lucid Dreaming"
  8. Maybe six years ago now I found this site when I rescued a goldfish from my cousin who wanted to kill him to get a different fish for her tank. Aaah. Then I was hooked. This web site helped so much, Ive never had to use any other.
  9. Love the bubble eyes! I cant seem to find them anywhere around here at the moment.
  10. I catch and release. My dad and I always used to go. Sometimes I feel bad and I am a vegitarian. But I dont know, I havent gone in years. Maybe I will just stick to frog catching and releasing. =P
  11. Thanks guys! Hopefully I can get a nicer picture thats more clear of my telescope! It really doesnt do him justice. The lighting in my room is terrable.
  12. "Here's is Frankie looking like she's directing a plane in to land." lolololol it really does look like it! your fish are gorgeoussss. really.
  13. I finally got pictures! Not many show my new telescope well at all, so I will try to post pictures when I get more batteries. But here are a couple now. and heres a nice one of my new betta! I need to think of names!
  14. awsome, thanks! Ive got one comming into the petstore this Friday or Saturday!
  15. Sorry guys! We lost power soon after I came home! I would upload them now, but I have to catch the bus to school in a few, so Im just updating quickly now that the powers back on. I got myself a big telescope moor! Hes about 5 inches, and bright orange! He was $30, but since I used to work there and Im loved (lol) they gave him to me for $14! Hes beautiful and settling into his new home with Charlie quite well. I also got myself a touquise coloured betta! I havent had one for a while. And they ordered me in a bristle nose pleco that should be in at the end of the week. Woohoo! I will deffenetly be posting the pictures tonight! Aaah the anticipation.
  16. I've been waiting all weekend, and Im finally picking up another tank mate for Charlie! Hes looking quite lonely in that 35 gallon. Things are looking really good in the tank right now, and the redness on his tail is faded a lot! I think he came with it, and now its getting better. Im glad. I think maybe I will pick up a ranchu, or a lionhead. Im not quite sure! Im also picking up a betta for my empty betta tank. I will post pictures later tonight! Yay!
  17. Cutie<3 Ive always had a thing for commens. Lovee.
  18. Thank you! Im bringing my water to the pet store tomorrow (because sadly there is no way of me getting there today). I tested the ammonia today, and I think it was fine.. what is the ppm it should be at exacly? Im not sure what my fish died of.. they where fine one day, and the next one was dead. I have no idea, they showed no signs of anything. I will be doing a water change tonight then! Thank you.
  19. Thank you, that helped a lot! I found my test kit, but I only had the stuff to test amonia left.. which was fine. I will bring the water to the pet store tomorrow. Thank you very much!
  20. Oh, I have always loved ocean life! My cousin and I would go to the beach, and when the tide was out we would collect mini crabs from under the rocks and make little bucket houses for them.. of course we would release them at the end of the day and never kept them in the sun haa. We also would go under the dock when the tide was out and look at all the big purple starfish, and we would protect them from the kids who threw rocks at them and tried to kill them. One time there was one huge orange starfish (about two feet in diameter) that got washed ashore, and kids where trying to kill it with rocks.. so my cousin and I *rescused* it and carried it out to deep water. Ive always been highly fasinated by sea life.. I wish we had sharks out here! We have seals and sea lions and orcas though, but I havent been lucky enough to see an orca. But at the aquarium here, we have them and dolphins and sharks and sooo many other things, which I have ALWAYS looooved going to see. I havent been in a while, but I think it would be worth it to go again sometime.
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