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  1. I guess no one has an answer to my flow rate ?I hope I'm wrong about that! FF
  2. Alright, You guys have fliped me out. How much filtration do I need? 10x turn over, or less? What filter is best? Do I nedd more turn over with a power filter vs say a canister or a wet/dry sump filter? FF
  3. I built a large tank, 23" wide x 71" long x 23 1/2" tall, and am now ready to start raiseing goldies in it! I'm not sure what way to go when filtering this size tank and how much filtration to use. :crp I'm also trying to keep costs down. Can you help with sujestions on filtering this monster?
  4. If you decide to add salt please be sure it is noniodized. The iodine in regular salt is not good for fish. Mortons makes both types. Also just in case you didn't know bettas will fight and eventualy kill each other if placed with another betta. :goldfish
  5. I agree with LikeAGoldfish. 10gal per fish is the best idea, goldfish are messy and need lots of space to keep water peramiters in the safe range. Also I belive Shubukins can grow 10"-12" long.
  6. Thanks for the help. I just think it stinks that the food wont be good enough to feed my fish I have so much of it.
  7. Guess I should have read your post more carefully.
  8. I'm now a full member. Congratulations to me.
  9. Once a week with or with out an ugf. Also aint this site great! I've learn so much from it.
  10. Wow. I didn't know vvvv shipped fish and those test strips seem as though they're great. Also please post pictures of your new friends.
  11. Good point. Who'd want to eat poop?!
  12. I lost all my fish about a year ago and haven't started over yet as I'm endevoring to build a large tank, 180gal. I should have it built, up, and running some time in Feb. What I've been wondering is, will my food from Rick still be good? It has been sitting in its original containers, inside the stand for about a year.
  13. I totaly agree wit Daryl and Wynkin. I would not put any fish in a tank that has been riddled with disease without sterylizing it first. I'm also very sorry about your loss
  14. That's happend to me too. Fantails and Ryukins were originaly my favorite, but I've seen some Orandas I would love to have.
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