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  1. Okay cool I think that sounds good now I just need to find a 1/16 tsp
  2. So that would be roughly 1/8 of a tsp? That would be 2x as much. I would do 1/16 of a teaspoon. Oh okay its kind of hard to measure grams in a spoon since a spoon is volume not weight.....do they even sell 1/16 of a tsp?
  3. So one else has a clue about the dosage?
  4. that certainly looks like the best option to me, make sure you have a powerfull filter but not one so that it disrupts the fishes swimming patterns, maybe try moving the filter to the back of the tank and encourage the fish to swim towards the front, hope it helps There is no way for me to move it further back....I also noticed that the oranda chases the ryukin around.......and both fish still seem very skittish
  5. So that would be roughly 1/8 of a tsp?
  6. So does anyone know the correct dose for the powder form of prazi(AquaScience) that I have?
  7. Just curious how do you know it worked? Is there breathing a little slower?
  8. ETA: To add to what Alex has said, some people also do 3x the dose. I know that I personally add prazi the first 3 days and do a water change on the 7th day and add prazi again. Yes it is in powder form and the brand is AquaScience....
  9. I have pure praziquantel and it doesnt have instruction I actually purchased it for my discus to get rid of any tapeworms but how would I use it for flukes?.....Not sure how it is in the goldfish hobby but no one uses praziquantel for flukes in the discus hobby because the flukes have become immune to it.
  10. Okay I turned the filter off and the ryukin still head stands....so now what?
  11. No other symptoms just that.....and not have not turned filter off will try in a bit
  12. Hi JL5219, ... this is very interesting to me. I live in Washington state which is very good for my fish, both outside and inside ... but I would really like to move to Arizona when and If I can retire. I haven't figured it out yet but unfortunitely Goldfish, as they say, are "Coldwater" fish. You have to figure out a way to keep the water in thier optimum temperature range. There are H20 refridgerators which cost an arm and a leg ...I have to say ... your tap water is hoter than I have ever heard of. As was mentioned earlier .. if your inside house temps are lower, just let your water reach room temp. If your inside temps are over 80 deg .. goldfish may not be the right fish for you ... washingtongoldfish tom Yeah it gets pretty hot here usually in the 100's for most of the summer if it is not in the 100's its in the 90's with really high humidity.......
  13. Oh yeah forgot to mention that it seems like the ryukin headstands a lot not sure if he is looking for food, if the current is too strong or what
  14. Is it necessary? I have pure praziquantel
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