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  1. How hard is it to breed goldfish?

    Please copy and paste the form above (or just quote it) and then type your answers after each question.
  2. How hard is it to breed goldfish?

    Please show a picture of the plump fish. Another possibility is that the fish is bloated.
  3. Buddy's Metamorphosis

    Probably an all white fish. I've had a fish go from half red and half white to all white in a week.
  4. The symptoms you describe can indicate an intestinal hexamita infection. You can treat this by feeding epsom salt. This link describes how to get the epsom salt into pellets, but if you feed gel food, you can simply put it in the water you use to prepare the food. This treatment will not harm the fish, even if it doesn't correct the problem.
  5. I'd call putting one koi into a 275 gallon container fish abuse unless this was a hospital tank for treating a sick fish and receiving 100% daily water changes. How many such tanks will he have? You can find many sources of information on the needs of koi including the local koi club and forums like koiphen where he can find information from experts.
  6. My gorgeous Comets

    For good reason. Goldfish grab mouthfuls of sand and organic material and then skillfully swallow the organic material and spit out the sand. I haven't seen the spitting in a photo before. Nice one!
  7. Lisette My Rescue Dog

    It's hard to believe that such a beautiful puppy was not adopted quickly.
  8. Silk plants won't hurt fish. Goldfish have no problem with tanks devoid of anything but clean water, fish, and a filter.
  9. When changing water, use your siphon on the gravel to clean out as much organic debris as you can. Also, dump the water from the filter and rinse the filter medium in dechlorinated water. By cleaning the bottom of the tank and the filter, you remove the dirtiest water in the system. Plastic plants can scrape a fish, leaving a surface lesion.
  10. Relax. You haven't done anything very wrong. Until your ammonia reads zero before every water change you should change 50% of the water daily. Add the Prime dose for 10 gallons with each water change. Prime will protect the fish from up to 1 ppm ammonia/nitrite for a full day. We often do not cycle a quarantine tank, but just keep the water clean with large water changes. If the fish needs antibacterial treatment, you will probably kill the cycle, so don't worry about it. Please don't waste your money on "cycling products." Even those that actually contain some live nitrifiers, do not contain the ideal nitrifiers for your tank, which are the ones that grew in your tank. Since I don't know the history of your tank, I can't say what caused the small ammonia spike, but it wasn't the 50% water change and I doubt that cleaning the gravel had anything to do with it either. You might have overfed.
  11. I'd like to see your parameters. A pH of 8 is fine. I saw one of the videos, but I can't see the lesion with the fish so active. If you put the fish in a small container and take some still pictures, we could see better. It doesn't sound like anything serious, but let us know of any changes.
  12. Cafe Ikan

    If they don't scrub the bottom daily, anyone walking through that pond should be prepared for a fall.
  13. Please understand that Salvinia minima is a harmful invasive species that can destroy natural ecosystems, so make sure that none of this gets into any lakes, ponds, or streams. It can choke off the native plants and grow so thick that it blocks gas exchange, killing fish. Neither tasty nor nutritious, it doesn't get eaten. You can have it in an aquarium, but just make sure that you dispose of excess in a way that makes sure none gets in natural bodies of water.
  14. Does my goldfish have popeye?

    I expect him to remain a rare "special" fish. He may be one in a million. He will have an advantage over bilateral telescopes in having better vision and far less risk of injury in his normal eye.