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  1. Kanaplex kills nitrifiers. That's why we keep fish under treatment in a small -- like 10 gallon -- tank and use large water changes rather than a filter to keep the ammonia and nitrite under control.
  2. Please read our guidelines for healthy goldfish. As Taryl pointed out, you can keep the fish healthy in too little water, but you need a rigorous water change schedule. What test kit do you use? What filter(s) do you have?
  3. Dropsy is a symptom, not a disease, and it shows as raised scales, usually with bloating. Dropsy can result from internal infections or from toxic water. The immediate recovery suggests toxic water as the cause. Describe your "overcrowding" -- how many fish is how much water? How often do you do that 50% water change?
  4. New Fluval 406

    Big fish like those can handle water flow easily. Move your cycled ceramic medium to the canister, and add new ceramic medium since you have the space in the canister. Also add some of the old mechanical medium along with new to the canister. Run the "better" of your HOBs with the shells and some old mechanical medium. Run this along with the canister for at least a month.
  5. Buildin a stand 😎

    Nice job!
  6. Help please

    Please read our guidelines for healthy goldfish.
  7. Swim Bladder-Sinker

    Sand is better for that purpose.
  8. Open Chat :)

    I like the fluffy look. More hair height on top makes a face look slimmer.
  9. Big bulge on fish's left side

    I don't think anything you do will cure this fish unless you have access to a veterinarian that treats fish.
  10. My gorgeous Comets

    As a rule of thumb, goldfish reach half their mature body length at about 18 months. Four to five inches of standard (not including tail) length would be a small adult comet.
  11. My gorgeous Comets

    Nice color on that shubbie.
  12. Open Chat :)

    I'm so sorry to hear that, Mandy.
  13. Fish still sick

    Please read our guidelines for healthy goldfish.
  14. Actually, overfeeding can kill goldfish by fouling the water. Over time, overfeeding morphed into overeating and led to the myth that goldfish could eat so much it killed them. Back when almost everyone had a bowl with two goldfish, we followed the rule to just feed a tiny pinch of food daily, and many fish lived long lives, but stayed small. In fact virtually everyone who has raised a goldfish to record ages credits the longevity to following that rule.
  15. No. They will eat a lot, but they won't be damaged by that in the short run. If you keep on overfeeding, they will become obese, which isn't any better for them than for us. The only time they die from overfeeding comes from the uneaten food rotting, releasing toxic ammonia and excess carbon dioxide. The bacteria that decompose the food also use up much of the oxygen in the water.