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  1. Please read our guidelines for healthy goldfish. If you don't understand some of the advice, ask us, not the guys at the pet store.
  2. I don't know what is wrong with the fish, but it is NOT nitrate poisoning. Your nitrate concentration is perfectly normal. How long have you had this fish?
  3. It's a tall tank, right? They probably need more oxygen. If the tank is taller than 18" you should use surface area rather than volume to determine stocking level. You should have 2 square feet of surface area per goldfish. A shallow tub, like an underbed storage tote, allows superior gas exchange and lots of swimming room. Exercise is good for them. With a decent filter and a good water change schedule you can easily keep 4 goldfish in a tub like that in the link.
  4. No, I don't make gel food. I've used only Blackwater Creek Max growth koi and goldfish food in the small pellet size for several years.
  5. A reference on goldfish growth: North american Journal of Aquaculture The Effect of stocking and Feeding Rates on growth and Production of Feeder Goldfish in Pools. by: Nathan Stone, Ellen McNulty, and Eric Park. You can read the abstract here: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1577/1548-8454(2003)65<82%3ATEOSAF>2.0.CO%3B2 Farms that grew goldfish to sell as feeders wanted to know how to keep the fish small for as long as possible so that they could produce a steady supply of feeders for the pet shops. So this group did the research. The most effective way of keeping the fish small was underfeeding. This is true for any animal, including humans. Disease or parasites can also stunt, but the goal of this research was to produce healthy, stunted goldfish. They could also decrease the growth rate by increasing the stocking level, but this didn't work as well as underfeeding. The combination of of higher stocking levels with underfeeding was most successful. Your source was correct that goldfish that lived to record ages were all clearly stunted. Also, virtually all of them lived for at least their first decade in a two gallon fish bowl with a tankmate. The owners followed the directions to feed the fish just a tiny pinch of food a day and change their water completely at least once a week. After 10-20 years, they typically upgraded to a 10 gallon tank with a filter. The somatostatin stuff is complete nonsense. Didn't any of the people who write this take high school biology? Surely if they did they would know the definition of a hormone. Definition of hormone: a product of living cells that circulates in body fluids (such as blood) or sap and produces a specific often stimulatory effect on the activity of cells usually remote from its point of origin. They don't get dumped into the environment.
  6. I have a Moringa tree. I got it here. I've had it in a pot since I bought it in February, but I've finally decided on a place to put it in the ground. It's supposed to grow to 12 feet tall in the first year, once in the ground. You should keep harvesting the growing tips to keep growth under control. I love the taste of these leaves-- a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy. My fish have strong opinions about leafy veggies "if it isn't duckweed forget about it".
  7. Get some mosquito fish. Goldfish would be very unhappy in that pot.
  8. Can you get Seachem Prime water conditioner? If you add this to your water daily, it will convert ammonia to ammonium, which is much less toxic. You will still read the same amount of ammonia in your water since the tests measure your total ammonia (ammonia+ammonium).
  9. They aren't toxic, but they have a very small surface area to volume ratio. You can make a good filter out of pots. A tub like this is cheap and has an excellent surface area to volume ratio. This gives the fish lots of swimming area and excellent gas exchange at the surface.
  10. shakaho


    A mixture of fry resembling one parent, the other parent, neither, or both.
  11. It sounds like you have male oranda and a female pearlscale. I had a similar pair -- a female pearlscale, Pearls, and Fanny the male fantail . They were inseparable. All of the fancy goldfish I have had since then appear to be descended from these two fish on at least one family side and most one both sides. Some are almost as round as a pearlscale and almost all have the "crown" wen of Pearls, the mother of multitudes. Pearls, like many pearlscales, was always getting herself stuck somewhere. It seems like freeing Pearls from the flowerpot she was exploring was a daily duty. One day I couldn't find her through a long search. Then I found her wedged between two flowerpots that were very close together, I removed the pots and the injured Pearls, and put her in an aquarium of clean salted water. Her surface injuries healed in about a week, so I put her into a tub with Fanny. They stayed close together. Unfortunately, Pearls had internal injuries and died about a week and a half half later. Fanny died the next day, presumably of a broken heart.
  12. Standard or total length? How old is she?
  13. Mandy if you have a true black comet, you have a real prize. Breeders have tried their best to get a true black long-bodied goldfish without telescope eyes. Typically, what is called a "black comet" is a koi - goldfish hybrid. These get very large and are sterile. Please breed your black comet and see what you get.
  14. I had one fish that had major wen overgrowth. I picked her out because she had this cute little top hat instead of a wen that spread all over her head. But as she matured, the wen kept growing down in front of her eyes on her cheeks and behind her head. In time she couldn't see at all. The weight of the wen was such that she couldn't get to duckweed or any other floating food. Her head went down, but her mouth couldn't reach food on the bottom. She could only eat food that I fed her by hand and missed most of that. I kept planning to do surgery but always found excuses for not doing it. (The thought of doing surgery makes me sick.) The fish eventually refused food and died. While underfeeding and eventually starving, the wen continued to grow.
  15. No, I haven't. That's why I linked you to a thread made by people who had.
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