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  1. Yes, goldfish normally have flukes, but the immune system system of healthy goldfish keeps the fluke population under control. We know that healthy fish that have lived together in a tank or pond long term share the same strain of flukes and have an immunity to those flukes. They do not, however, have immunity to the flukes of healthy goldfish from another pond. Thus we recommend treating new fish with prazi during quarantine. Your fish look healthy to me. The symptoms of flukes include "itchiness" -- the fish rub against things. The fish might develop little pustules at sites of fluke attachment. I can't find the active ingredients of JBL gyrodol, so I can't recommend it. Incidentally, none of my goldfish have been treated for flukes nor have they ever shown fluke symptoms.
  2. You can find lots of current research on the food value of hydrolyzed feather meal, like this example: https://scialert.net/fulltext/?doi=jfas.2013.697.705
  3. Is this the orange stuff they started offering last summer? I bought some of that and mixed it with the small and medium Max growth pellets (which cost half as much). After a while I began noticing that everything that the water passed through was getting clogged with gummy sticky orange slime which was hard to remove from filter medium even with a strong blast from a garden hose. I went back to just max growth and the slime went away. I tossed the rest of the orange food on the compost pile. Sinking food is the new koi feeding fad after most people realized that the previous fad of feeding high carb, low protein food when the water was so cold the fish could only digest a little bit of food a day was insane. At least sinking food is harmless to the fish unless you get too much decay in the filters. No matter what kind of food you toss in, more than they can eat in a minute or two is excessive.
  4. shakaho

    Require Emergency help

    Please read our guidelines for healthy goldfish. While it almost certainly won't help this fish, it will help you care for the next.
  5. shakaho

    Is my girl pregnant?

    No way duckweed will take over a goldfish tank. If you put all of the duckweed in your tank today, you would have to buy some more tomorrow, since the fish will have eaten it all. If you had only tiny fish with mouths too small to eat duckweed, it could take over, but not with goldfish larger than feeder size. Get a tub for the duckweed (a plastic storage tote works fine) and feed the duckweed with the water you remove from the tank when you do a water change. If you don't have a sunny spot for the duckweed tub, get a grow light for a lamp to provide light for the duckweed plants.
  6. shakaho

    Fish impacted with leaf?

    Could you please show some pictures of the pond? It sounds like an in-ground pond that lies lower than the surrounding ground. Do you have a net over the pond to catch leaves? What protection do you have from predators? Your stocking level sounds great, but the number of fish may double or more after spring spawning. With a large pond with few adult fish, more eggs survive to hatch and more fry avoid getting eaten by their elders.
  7. shakaho

    Looking good? and food questions

    And have any of those sources given evidence to support their statements? Most of the articles you read have been copied from other articles. If you compare them you will see what sources people used when you see exactly the same sentences in multiple articles. You may have observed that Koko's is one of the few forums in which we ask people to provide evidence for their statements.
  8. shakaho

    Fish impacted with leaf?

    I don't think a leaf could cause this problem. I suspect whatever ails him is the cause, not the result, of the unswallowed leaf.
  9. shakaho

    Hi guys .... quick catch up!!

    As bad as they look, surface tumors don't bother fish much. You will probably see more. One can surgically remove these, but they will probably return. I had a beautiful fish develop a tumor when about 8 years old. With time, she got more, but didn't seem bothered. After a couple of years some tumors developed bloody lesions, which I assume indicated malignancy. By this time she no longer appeared comfortable, and I finally decided to euthanize.
  10. Happy Birthday :) 

  11. shakaho

    Looking good? and food questions

    Why do you not like floating? Other than live plants, floating pellets foul the water less than any other form of food. The fish grab them quickly before any nutrients have a chance to leach since only a bit of the pellets get wet. You can easily determine whether all get eaten. Sinking pellets leach nutrients rapidly and can wind up hidden in the bottom of the tank rotting. Gel foods lead in water fouling. Goldfish tear into the soft gel swallowing what they can and leaving bits scattering through the water. These rapidly decompose in the water and the filter. Some people here have observed filter clogging and water quality deterioration with gel foods.
  12. shakaho

    Is my girl pregnant?

    What does "head to tail" mean? (People often say this.) Standard length (a meaningful measure of goldfish length) means tip of the nose to the base of the tail fin. Total length means tip of the nose to end of the tail fin. It gives no useful information on the amount of fish you have since goldfish tails have such variability. Either one could be "head to tail."
  13. shakaho


    Please remove the word "fill" after "copy and paste." I also add "If copy and paste doesn't work for you, quote this post and put your answers after each question." Otherwise, those who can't copy and paste put their answers in paragraph form, and we know how much fun reading that is.
  14. To treat a fish with medications containing an antibiotic, remove the fish to a "hospital tank." A ten gallon aquarium or plastic storage box will do. Treat the fish according to instructions. Keep the water safe with large water changes. If you add an antibacterial agent to your filtered tank, you will kill off filter nitrifiers. You can, however, treat the whole tank with an antiparasitic like praziquantel. If you think that you must treat all of the fish, first remove your filter medium and hold it in dechlorinated water until you complete the treatment. Maintain water quality with daily water changes. Test your water daily.
  15. shakaho

    Open Chat :)

    I got a beautiful pair of calico fantails from Walmart a year and a half ago and put them and a couple of home-grown orange youngsters in my indoor aquaponics system. I think they are least great and maybe great-great grandparents now. I try to avoid checking out the fish at Walmart, since I certainly don't need more.