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  1. I'm a bit 50/50 with my local one. The tanks and fish arent really that bad and they close off tanks that have sick fish in and treat them. I went in for some Neon Tetras onceand the tank was closed off just because the other breed of Tetras they came in with were unwell,so they were just making sure to speak. All bar my Blue Ranchu came from P@H and Iv had no trouble (touch wood) BUT could be A LOT more knowledgeable about the fish and tanks though. I was in there the other day and herd one of the assistants advising a customer that they only need to have their Tropical tank set up for 3 DAYS!!! b4 adding fish. ANY experienced fish keeper, especially Tropical would know that for optimal conditions you add at least a 0 behind that 3 for a proper cycle, you cant even call 3 days a cycle even with added "treatment"
  2. Aww very Handsome fellow!!. He looks lovely I really like the name Silas.... and Angels n Demons is a brilliant book, lol.
  3. Aww such a gorgeous little Guy. There should be some sought of Law that says Pet shops HAVE to know what they'r talking about when it comes to ALL animals!!. Oh and Fab name, my daughter loves Aston
  4. Had them since last Summer, when they were bubbas and not more than an inch I must have taken a zillion pictures but the little blighter's don't stop moving about, LoL and I only have my 5mp Phone cam at the moment too. But you can get the jist.... Red Cap Oranda I love this Guy This Guy has a un split tail and its wonky too. As you can see the one side lays normally but the other side is always held up at over a 90 degree. You can just make out the other side in the pic above him. Just one of those quite Gene things that can happen. And the black blur is my Moor, LoL And then this Guy. Who is a lovely Blue colour but I feel a colour change coming on because to look at normally you can just see the very very very slightest tint of dark gold up top but you get a pic' of him it really does show through I gave up trying to get a decent picture of my Black Moor, LoL
  5. Wow stunning Fish!!. Great Job and care. Beautiful.
  6. Aww gorgeous Fish and brilliant Pictures. Love her Colour/Pattern
  7. Ok so dont know if its just because its late and I'm tired, LoL, but cant see an edit post button...... They were both Common Goldfish btw, LoL
  8. The oldest Goldfish I had were both 12yrs old. I got them from a fair ground as tiny teeny babies When I was young. They lived the 1st fare few years of their lives in a generic plastic bowl. You can still to this day buy them now Bit of gravel, no filter or pump, daily 100% cleaning out. Until When I got my 3ft tank when I was about 18 they came and lived with me again (moved out when I was 16) They had the tank, a couple of inches of gravel and some ornaments/plants. I used an External Filter for that tank and an air pump. They both caught an internal infection which I just couldn't get hold of and to be honest I wasn't as experienced and knowledgeable then, and they both died with in months of each other.
  9. I have a Red Cap Oranda I got summer last year from P@H. But come to think of it I have 3 LFS's and havent ever seen any Redcaps Orandas in any them though.
  10. Aww I have a Calico Fantail with a 3 pronged un-split tail and its lob-sided and shorter than normal. It is a Genetic thing. One side hangs down but the other side is always held up at a 90 degree angle to his body and when he swims he has to wiggle his body a lot more than normal.... I got him as a little tiny baby so didnt notice it then but to me its apart of him being him and his little character now.
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