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  1. Oh my they are absolutely beautiful. Such lovely Tails too.
  2. Great tank and WOW Chester is HUGE....I love him
  3. I did actually put two in but they decided they all wanted this one, lol. And just some single ones.#
  4. Oh wow gorgeous. Its great when you get a fish has something "different" about it.
  5. Thoroughly disgusting!!. And I have warmed the other Forums Admin (that you joined the other day) that you don't listen and are a time waster and very very sadly don't care for your fishes better needs.
  6. Love Chiba. That last Pic is beautiful and Loki is sooo black. He almost looks velvety. Lush
  7. Aww little cuteee!!. That last picture is adorable
  8. Thanks everyone. Oh Lola you gave me an idea..... think I may have to call him Dory from now on
  9. Awww gorgeous Vanille. She has lovely shape.
  10. Thanks guys. China, I didnt even notice that but yeah he has got a shocked face look in that 1st picture He really is impossible to get a decent picture of. And I say he but I dun no if its a he or she, LoL.
  11. Oh blimey!! Glad to hear all your Trops gang are ok.
  12. Not brilliant pics by any means but the little Bugger really does NOT stay still. I swear he has ADHD. He about 4 inches long. I got him last summer at about 2 inches. The best pics of about 50 odd that were just black blurs or just the end of his tail!!, LoL
  13. Thanks Locke. Yeah defo a Lion. My Ranchu is very different, back wise
  14. OMG Stunning and Jealous are two words that come to mind. Love his colouring. A beautifully gorgeous Oranda!!!.
  15. Absolutely beautiful Fish. Stunning tails.
  16. Aww very nice. Dahlia looks very cute, all little against them. I have a Moor, s/he's about 4 inches long and for the life of me I cant get a decent pic' of him/her. Just always ends up as a black blur all the time
  17. Lovely Fishys u have. White n Orange 1 is my fav'
  18. Oh thanks alot Guys. Next to the tank that the Calico was in was another 3ft tank with about 20 Ryukins and Fantails and as I was watching them looking for a nice looking "Humpy" Ryukin out popped the Orange Oranda, the only one in the tank, and he looks just the same (bar the black moustache) as the lovely smaller fella I lost a few days ago, just bigger. So he just had to come home with me too, LoL And so far so good all seems well. They'v been a bit surface floaty at times but gave them half a pea each yesterday and half today and the tank is salted so hopefully that should go in time.
  19. Thanks O Y F. Yeah Im well pleased with him. Hes about 3inches long and the Oranda is about 3 n half, including tail. They did have little 1 n half Ranchu/Lionhead Orange babies and I do like getting my fish from little babies so I can watch them grow but I saw the bigger Calico on his own and had to have him.
  20. Ok so I don't know if its me on this but the last few days Iv had trouble getting on here and twice now Iv been on here and gone to post a comment and "lost connection" with the site. But last night I couldn't get on the forum at all. Tried for hours but wouldn't work. So anyways here now (its 11:45am here now)...... The pics aren't brilliant but the blighters really do not stay still , lol I'll try and get some better ones later 2day.
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