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  1. Hey and Welcome to Kokos's! Bet you'll enjoy your time here!
  2. Hey and Welcome to Koko's! You have nice picts!
  3. They're like "Hey ho, I'm vacuuming the gravel~" LOL. Nice picts, and wonderful trio ^_^ <3
  4. I hope so! I don't know much about cameras... I always use an iPhone xD After you're done, maybe post up some picts?
  5. Thank goodness those 50 were okay. As you guys said... Maybe the thief went on the Kokos... Who knows what happened x)
  6. Aww, the way you wrote it makes him sound so cute! I like the way he wrote that "He is so bold and active!" Makes me wish I had one goldfish just like him
  7. I would agree with the air stone thing, but there would be a big hole to fit the airstone in. o.O
  8. o.O Link has competition now! XD Does the new husband have a name? He has a really nice wen.
  9. Nice! His fins are growing back fast! In no time, he will look pretty again!
  10. Wow! Thanks everyone! But as Hidr said, I still feel that the two tanks are too small for my dear goldfish... Anyways, I have done something... :X Thanks everyone!
  11. I'm so sorry for your loss... sending big consoles
  12. Hello! Dawn here again. As some of you have heard about my problems (too many goldfish, too little water, etc) This Christmas, my grandmother and father somehow got hypnotized my the Christmas mood, And *POOF* the new tank was at home. Well, we didn't set it up straight away, because we had nowhere to put the tank on. Shopped for a shelf, made out of stainless steel (from what box said, you had to D.I.Y) Well, thats the end of my ranting, here come the photos! (not as amazing as you thought it would be, though.) This is the fish tank compared to the container of fish food XD New fish in separate tank (sort of QT) Sponge filter (seemed to suck up all the poop without too much current) and air stone New already-set-up tank Old tank compared to new tank The bubbles popping caused a lot of splashing, so I used this (not really creative) Accidental close up Well, I think that's about all, Thanks for looking!
  13. on the new tank! Can we have photos please...
  14. Your fish are beautiful! I like the way your tank is all black outside.
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