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  1. The drive to WV is about 10 hours. XD Too bad about the space, though.
  2. I have four goldies I need to rehome. Two orandas, a black/bronze ranchu, and a calico telesope. The orandas are huge, the other two are slowly catching up. I currently live in SC and am going to be driving to WV. If there's anyone who would want them or be able to meet me along the way to get them I'd be eternally grateful to know my babies are going to someone who won't stick them in a bowl.
  3. Vee

    Omega One Small Sinking Pellets

    I am assuming this "white worm" rumor is untrue, because I've heard this girl tell me wrong information on goldfish before, though at least she didn't advocate bowls for them, at least from my knowledge. (Though she DID suggest something ridiculous like 3g per goldfish.)
  4. Vee

    Omega One Small Sinking Pellets

    Hey guys, has anyone else's pet store recently pulled this product? I've been to the pet store and the fancy fish store and they are no longer selling Omega One due to complaints about "misprinted nutritional information" and "white worms" from feeding the food. I am super sad, because Hikari foods are ridiculously priced for such small bags in my opinion and I can no longer find a comparatively well made food for such a decent price.
  5. Vee

    Is it safe?

    Here is the link for the old post. I still can't find my testing kit, so I guess I'm going to have to run to the pet store tonight. He's doing great, other than that little pearl. I think the pearl is soft, because I've seen it get a little indent when he pushes it against the glass to get a better look at me. The pearl is like.. directly under the eye itself. It's almost like.. Eye ---> Oo<--- Pearl. I can't really describe it any better, and I don't think I'll be able to get a better picture without a fancy camera. XD
  6. Vee

    Is it safe?

    I can't edit the last post, but this is what I mean by the "Pearl" it was the best I could get on my camera phone. Can you see where his eye isn't swollen out of his head, but the white bump under his eye?
  7. Vee

    Is it safe?

    Thanks for the help! The pearl isn't a cloudy film on the eye, though. It actually looks like there's a tiny decorative pearl on the bottom of it's eye. Almost like it's a little dancer at a burlesque show. Haha. I'll see if I can get some pictures asap when the light is better. right now the nitrates are close to zero because I newly seeded the tank when I got the betta a week and a half ago. I've tried salting to .01%, and a powdered antibiotic. I'll try the tea leaves, next.
  8. Vee

    Is it safe?

    I'll fill out the form again, but I have a topic not too far down the list already. I figured this didn't need to be in the disease section, seeing as I'm only trying to look for alternative treatment methods. Right now I can't recall where I've put my test kit.. I'll look for it and come back here.
  9. Vee

    Is it safe?

    Thanks. I ordered the leaves. They may have some holes in them, but that doesn't make them any less effective, especially since they're such a great deal. The same seller was selling 5 "perfect" leaves for more than this whole bag!
  10. Vee

    Is it safe?

    Are these okay? They sound like what I'm looking for, and this bag alone is like 25 pieces. http://tinyurl.com/bulkalmondleaves
  11. Vee

    Is it safe?

    I'm using a thermometer meant for a 50g+ tank and turned it up as high as it'll go, but it wont go past 80'. It's very frustrating, because the smaller heater I have won't even go over 70' I've never heard of tea for bettas? Is that commonly available? The week is up today.
  12. Okay, I've been treating my betta, Poppy, for pop eye, the betta's eating actively, is interested in its (very plain) environment, and is doing generally well. I've also been treating it with antibiotics for the past week, and though it's eye seems less swollen it still has a big "pearl" on it's eye that hasn't changed since the medication. The packaging suggests I don't treat the fish for more than a week, and other than the pearl it's eye is no longer swollen. Should I stop the antibiotic treatment? Should I switch to something else? I can't get maraycn in my area, and I don't know where I'd get it online. I've seen the back of a melafix bottle state that it's okay to use for popeye.. I can try and get pictures of the "pearl," if need be.
  13. Vee

    I'm Sure You Can Relate!

    Haha aw that's cute! I've recently set up a QT tank lower to the ground level, so I'm sure I'm going to find water-paw prints leading away from the tanks soon.
  14. Haha, thanks! If only it were that easy with the rest of the numbers for Celsius.