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  1. I figured I can chunk it up LOL! But I was looking more at tails than body shape. There were some that were fatter, but they're probably girls.
  2. Went to my local fish store and they were really well stocked on fancy goldfish this time! I really looked at each tank and saw this little guy that i had to have. It’s tail may possibly pass for a black butterfly tail. They had some Orandas too, but they were pretty pricey and not too pretty! Wasn’t too crazy about the Fantails and Ryukins either...
  3. Just got home....it’s gone.... 😭
  4. You can see the mucous at the gills here
  5. Changed water after feeding like usual....VERY listless! Added a little salt & more conditioner. Noticed mucous at gills
  6. Bean isn’t spunky this morning and is listing to the side a little. What is going on? I woke up in the middle of the night to him/her floating at the top, but I thought maybe it was sleeping. This morning it is floating too and now on the bottom, but still not spunky and isn’t eating. Plus it is kinda tilted a bit to the side!
  7. Unfortunately it's not going to have any buddies for awhile lol! I'm ok with not having to deal with the excessive waste LOL
  8. Don’t think my post went through....quarantine is over this month. Have to figure out where to put him/her!
  9. Hey, we’re sorta close! 😆 Have some friends that live there!
  10. Don’t know if you can tell that it got bigger, but quarantine is up this month...need to figure out what to put it in!
  11. It's hard to get one of it lol! I don't think you would be able to tell that it got bigger anway.
  12. He/she has grown! It is so full now it doesn't even eat all its food lol
  13. I've been pumping it full of the food Cynthia suggested LOL! Twice daily water changes after feeding.
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