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  1. Oh they are tiny barbels! I think I spotted some on my guy (I think it's a boy anyway!), but I'm not sure. Ended up with a great use of my 48" Fluval light I got on sale! I grabbed my other regular goldfish and stuck it under the same light next to where this guy is chilling out!
  2. Here he is! A little lighter atm cuz I just changed out some of his water.
  3. Hmm....I will have to take a closer look when I get home tonight! I don't think his color is as dark as yours, but this one has been inside for awhile I bet! I will try and get a pic too.
  4. Do they have barbels or none, Mandy? Jenny, I definitely picked one up! LOL! I couldn't resist! I got the biggest one with the longest tail! He was hard to catch! When the guy left to get a blue net so we could see better I snagged him He's about 6" long from snout to base of tail! I didn't realize they were in their indoor pond until I got a closer look to try to pet the koi LOL! Then I saw these dark shadows popping up! I was like WHOA!
  5. Has anyone ever seen black comets?! A local fish store to me has them for $6.99! Will they stay black?
  6. Hmm...I'll have to see if I can find the color boost!
  7. I did, but I can’t seem to figure out how to program all the different types of weather for it to cycle through?
  8. Does anyone know how to work this Fluval light I have? It’s the one where you can control it with your cell phone and it has night and day modes
  9. It's the one pictured above!
  10. I did, I picked out one with the least bumpy back and with a short enough body that it didn't look too long. It's so cute!
  11. Gotcha! Oh well...it's still cute w/o a wen!
  12. Gah! He's so fat and cute! LOL!
  13. So this little guy has no wen on its head....now that I am reading this wiki article! Is it still a ranchu?
  14. Ahh! I really like top view! He/she has a cute little waggle when it swims LOL
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