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  1. Koko can I plz have my 2 year badge?
  2. first never rub a fish with peroxide and second attach a sponge to the filter to make it a bit weaker.
  3. goldfish take time to get used to something new, well maybe not all of them.
  4. so sorry! but my those were his actual balls hahaha!!
  5. i checked on about red streaks on goldies and it turned out to be that the water had ammonia poisoning so i did a water change every day,put some rock salt and kept feeding them frequently and they are back to normal and the red streaks are gone completely!!! thank u for your help guys!
  6. i dont have a water test kit and they dont sell them over here in Zanzibar or Dar-es-salam!
  7. ummm... ok, i had gone away for 4 days because my grandpa had died. when i came back my goldies were kind of sick. i hadnt fed them this 4 days but i had given them a lot of food before i went.well theyve got something that looks like blood(red colour) on their skin(all of them) and they keep bumping on the sides of the tank. when i came home i changed the water and fed them.but they still look sick. please i really need help fast. i dont want to lose my friends!
  8. Sakura this might help, http://goldfishstuff.com/white_spot_disease.html
  9. I dont think those are breeding stars, why dont you try giving a salt bath? it might help
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