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  1. HyperMite

    Potw Winner

    cutie pic!!
  2. HyperMite

    Potw Winner

    what a gorgeous gold fish...
  3. HyperMite

    Potw Winner

    thanks guys
  4. HyperMite


    Hi, welcome to kokos! there are lots of info here not only goldfishies but also other aquarium fishes, so enjoy your stay. BTW, 50 goldfish?? i would love to see all of them...
  5. HyperMite

    Whats Your Oldest Fish And Breed?

    My oldest fish & still living is a cichlid (Tropheos likoma to be precise coz there are lots of cichlid types). He's 4 yrs old & living in a planted 10 gal aquarium.. He was a juvenile when I got him from lfs. It's color is metallic blue with dark zebra stripes, during his growing-up phase, the blue color is slowly turning to yellow. Right now he's grown to 8 inches, turned it's color to a full yellow with faint mark of stripes.. Because of him, I learned a lot about aquarium keeping & keeping the fishes health.. BTW, his name is Architect coz he has his own way of designing aquarium gravel & small white stones.. Aquarium has an undergravel filter & 30-50% weekly water changes..
  6. HyperMite

    Potw Winner

    I didn't know that i won this contest I know, it's very late but still, thanks to all who voted for this pic.. about this picture, I just turned their light on one morning & I was amazed to see those 4 goldfishies formed a line like they will race to the other side of tank..luckily, i got my mobile phone & took a snap right before they swim randomly..
  7. HyperMite

    Should I Buy This Tank?

    Wow, that's a great deal mate..
  8. HyperMite


    Noypi here from marikina... tagal na yata bago masundan ang mga posts dito..
  9. HyperMite

    Hello Tankmates!

    Yep.. I love that car model from hot wheels & i have a collection of it..
  10. HyperMite

    Hello Tankmates!

    Thanks guys. i feel at home already Anyway, I'll be posting the pictures of my goldies until i got a good pose from them..
  11. HyperMite

    Hello Tankmates!

    Hi Everybody, newbie here from Manila, Philippines.. I'm hoping that i could learn more in goldfish keeping here in forum.. My Aquarium Setup: 50 gals 1 - Red Oranda 2 - Lionhead 3 - Shubunkins 6 - bronze corydoras 1 - albino janitor fish 1 - ordinary janitor fish DIY overhead filter connected to submersible powerhead pump 10 gals 1 - very aggresive tangerine cichlid Undergravel Filter