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  1. Hi, welcome to kokos! there are lots of info here not only goldfishies but also other aquarium fishes, so enjoy your stay. BTW, 50 goldfish?? i would love to see all of them...
  2. My oldest fish & still living is a cichlid (Tropheos likoma to be precise coz there are lots of cichlid types). He's 4 yrs old & living in a planted 10 gal aquarium.. He was a juvenile when I got him from lfs. It's color is metallic blue with dark zebra stripes, during his growing-up phase, the blue color is slowly turning to yellow. Right now he's grown to 8 inches, turned it's color to a full yellow with faint mark of stripes.. Because of him, I learned a lot about aquarium keeping & keeping the fishes health.. BTW, his name is Architect coz he has his own way of designing aquarium gravel & small white stones.. Aquarium has an undergravel filter & 30-50% weekly water changes..
  3. Noypi here from marikina... tagal na yata bago masundan ang mga posts dito..
  4. Yep.. I love that car model from hot wheels & i have a collection of it..
  5. Thanks guys. i feel at home already Anyway, I'll be posting the pictures of my goldies until i got a good pose from them..
  6. Hi Everybody, newbie here from Manila, Philippines.. I'm hoping that i could learn more in goldfish keeping here in forum.. My Aquarium Setup: 50 gals 1 - Red Oranda 2 - Lionhead 3 - Shubunkins 6 - bronze corydoras 1 - albino janitor fish 1 - ordinary janitor fish DIY overhead filter connected to submersible powerhead pump 10 gals 1 - very aggresive tangerine cichlid Undergravel Filter
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