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  1. Hi Ryz and welcome as it seems to be your first post here. Prazi is a very gentle agent and you will find that it can help greatly with the health of our young fish. I use it on the parents before spawn and have it in the hatch pond even before the event and enjoy success. So as I told the other that you quoted on 11 Nov 2016 you can not go wrong by using it. Of coarse I am not a vet of fish or scientific and can only tell what works for my breed programs. Michael
  2. Wonderful and now you had better give yourself a BREEDER badge!
  3. Congratulations! And now the fun begins.
  4. Lucky you! How big is the pond?
  5. "Curious as to what is a ten - ten treatment? I use H202 outside the tank for disinfecting purposes ie. equipment, plants. " information sent PM
  6. Hi goldfishmylife, I use H2O2 treatment with great results. In call it The Hydrogen bomb! This is for a part of a cleaning protocol which I like as it is cheap , with easy to obtain products and is simple any quick. Called the ten - ten treatment.
  7. UPDATE one year fish baby now are one year and are doing fine. I think about 200 -250 plus the 50 I took into home aquariums. As is normal some grow very fast and most are not too interesting. But there are a few that are beautiful with all the colours and markings that we seek. As has passed a year my back is recovered but the pain is still there and I dare not attempt to clean the ponds solo. ( I have a guy to do that work now). This time I jammed my finger when catching a cock for Easter dinner.(we have nice chicken house) I hope this recovers soon as it really impeads things I do with hand (and hurts). pictures are of the year old koi.
  8. Hi Avepico, That sounds like an interesting project. I also did that kind of mix when seeking an all black fish . Mixed black oranda with koi to get it. took eight years. so good luck. I shall follow your project with interest. Michael.
  9. One of our dogs, Masha, has discovered that fish food tastes good. She shows up at feeding time and tries to get a little. She also is very interested in those oranges things too.
  10. Weather is cooling . Nights now touch single digits (09 C). Guppy s are all inside and we decided to move a few koi in just to see how the do inside. 30 are now in warm water. Also moved the BIG orandas inside this year. They can stay out but seem to suffer when it gets real cold. They are now getting used to smaller quarters . Pictured are my three pigs. The 200 is just barely enough I think.
  11. Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs are a rich , excellent food . Brine shrimp eggs have a shell which if not removed will kill young fish by blockage. Decap eggs can be bought or you decap them yourself. This is also done to aid in hatching eggs. sorry if that was not clear.
  12. You CAN NOT just feed unhatched eggs. That will kill them.
  13. Foods that I have used with success are: live new hatch mosquitos, live Daphnia., small brothers, live new hatch brine shrimp. and all the other micro critters, zooplankton, in the pond. but when they are not to be had have to resort to manufactured foods. decapsulated brine shrimp eggs, this can be made from eggs which do not hatch too., Excellent !. , tried chicken yellow part of egg boiled, not so good. white part of egg steamed a little, good. and for new hatched about day 5 + , milk. just a drop in the tank at a feeding. this works well. later when they are bigger better stuff such as anchove paste , tuna bits and paste of spinach if needed. Please note that this is some of what I and friends have used to grow our fish.
  14. There are some other foods that also work very well for those first few days. Can provide info if interested.
  15. You could try feeding them mosquitos, they are easy to grow (just do not tell neighbors).
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