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  1. Lucky you , you have a pond already dug out and was working. Simple fix as the other recommended and I have done, lay down the new liner and it is ready!! You can also try to fill it and see if roots are causai get any problem . I have a couple of ponds that leak a little but is not a problem as adding water is a good thing . Hope you have a good time with your new pond.
  2. Ha!! Just now I remember that I too have new hatch Christmas, my red cap oranda, and first group are in about ten gallons, and now are down to about ten . And from these maybe four will advavce.
  3. Greetings Miss Fishlady, My recommendation from experience is that you would be best with not more than SIX for first few months and then move up to better quarters.
  4. Well done Fishlady! And wellcome to forum as I see this is your first post. i also breed fancy goldfish and can say that what the others have advised is true. As you will have many that are defective and that is best to eliminate. This applies for breeding in the thousand at at time. If you have only a few hundred or less then keep all until the moment of judgement. I am weak and always keep all until... Very beautiful fish you have. regards Michael.
  5. New recap oranda get their first live food. Fresh worm. They both want a piece of the fresh diner.
  6. What I like most is that the females now come with great colourful tails . Also can now get the halfblack white and others very easy for price of common . Before we had to wait for a show , then bid at auction to win the fish , then travel hours to a friend who then bred a couple from them. $$$. Can only post still pictures , seems your site is not permitting me to load the good videos.
  7. Hi Koko, The trees are Mediterranean pines over 20 meters tall . Of the the three ponds only the two unfiltered were touched. This happened in July. Morning was ok but by noon the ponds turned a milky white which killed nearly all koi and gold fish . This has only happened two times since these ponds were built in 2004. This year was exceptional as the trees seemed to drip or release a sticky sweet mist that coated everything . Car, trees, and all under. My fault as I get older do not always keep all the leaves and stuff out of the ponds and feel that this was cause of the bloom that caused the disaster. Neighbors’ pond also went the same way twice in same month. Now ponds are clean but have no fish yet. Maybe this Spring if koi in main pond decide to spawn will we get those populated. Guppy meanwhile are doing fine and producing as expected . the young being transferred to a grow tank. These guppy from Shri Lanka are excellent and I have big hopes for them. Gold fish now pass the first critical days and so far all goes very well . Normally new fish do not wait to get sick but just get on with it in first days after arriving.
  8. New Red cap oranda and moor are my joy and this Summer was a disaster as super heat conditions plus a cloud of material from our pine trees which shade our ponds created a special condition which produced in very rapid time ( few hours) a toxic milky white water . This killed many of my prized fishes. Now we restart with a very nice little group of red cap oranda , a few black moor and about fifty nice guppy from Israel and shir lanka. These of course are all inside acquariums. It is a few years since I visit shop and purchase new fish and I am impressed by the high quality of their health. So far only ick and of course the normal % deaths of guppy after travel. I hope that soon I will be able to provide more good news .
  9. Hi Ryz and welcome as it seems to be your first post here. Prazi is a very gentle agent and you will find that it can help greatly with the health of our young fish. I use it on the parents before spawn and have it in the hatch pond even before the event and enjoy success. So as I told the other that you quoted on 11 Nov 2016 you can not go wrong by using it. Of coarse I am not a vet of fish or scientific and can only tell what works for my breed programs. Michael
  10. Wonderful and now you had better give yourself a BREEDER badge!
  11. Congratulations! And now the fun begins.
  12. Lucky you! How big is the pond?
  13. "Curious as to what is a ten - ten treatment? I use H202 outside the tank for disinfecting purposes ie. equipment, plants. " information sent PM
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