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  1. Baby fish , finally!

    One of our dogs, Masha, has discovered that fish food tastes good. She shows up at feeding time and tries to get a little. She also is very interested in those oranges things too.
  2. Baby fish , finally!

    Weather is cooling . Nights now touch single digits (09 C). Guppy s are all inside and we decided to move a few koi in just to see how the do inside. 30 are now in warm water. Also moved the BIG orandas inside this year. They can stay out but seem to suffer when it gets real cold. They are now getting used to smaller quarters . Pictured are my three pigs. The 200 is just barely enough I think.
  3. New Fish!

    Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs are a rich , excellent food . Brine shrimp eggs have a shell which if not removed will kill young fish by blockage. Decap eggs can be bought or you decap them yourself. This is also done to aid in hatching eggs. sorry if that was not clear.
  4. New Fish!

    You CAN NOT just feed unhatched eggs. That will kill them.
  5. New Fish!

    Foods that I have used with success are: live new hatch mosquitos, live Daphnia., small brothers, live new hatch brine shrimp. and all the other micro critters, zooplankton, in the pond. but when they are not to be had have to resort to manufactured foods. decapsulated brine shrimp eggs, this can be made from eggs which do not hatch too., Excellent !. , tried chicken yellow part of egg boiled, not so good. white part of egg steamed a little, good. and for new hatched about day 5 + , milk. just a drop in the tank at a feeding. this works well. later when they are bigger better stuff such as anchove paste , tuna bits and paste of spinach if needed. Please note that this is some of what I and friends have used to grow our fish.
  6. New Fish!

    There are some other foods that also work very well for those first few days. Can provide info if interested.
  7. New Fish!

    You could try feeding them mosquitos, they are easy to grow (just do not tell neighbors).
  8. New Fish!

    I was just thinking how strange to have pond fish hatching with Winter coming. Nearly impossible to survive ... unless your located in the South hemisphere? Well done with those pictures!
  9. Baby fish , finally!

  10. Baby fish , finally!

    Koi now at age 6 month. Growing with few problems. Biggest are over a palm size and runts are 3 finger width. Colors are showing with a few interesting patterns.
  11. Baby fish , finally!

    Now at 100 day age fish can be seen without magnifying glass! Colours are showing and we begin to dream about the "task "of having to choose which ones to keep. Pictured are some at feeding time where they learn to take food from hand.
  12. Baby fish , finally!

    Yes a lot and I hope that it stays that way.
  13. Baby fish , finally!

    Pictured at age 90 days feeding. All growing well with the big pigs three fingers long.
  14. Baby fish , finally!

    Baby fish now at 9 weeks , 50 mm to 20 mm. The black moor also spawned producing a few. Back is recovering very slowly. Finally can sleep on bed and ride in auto but cannot lift anything more than coffee cup. Pictured are some koi baby snacking on flake and a baby black moor. Very nice velvet carbon black.
  15. Wiggles Eggbert the lone fry!

    Why put it away? They were successful once and can and probably will do it again! Goldfish often breed during season 2 or 3 days before full and new moon. So plan for it with nice water change and a little dip in temperature . Good luck next time.