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  1. jeffteo

    I'm back!

    Can't remember when was my last post but it feels like a long time and now I am back and I think I should update on my current fish keeping status. I moved to a new place last December and decided to consolidate my tanks to just 2 and keeping them bare bottom and with goldfishes only. Actually I still have a mini tank for a blue dwarf crayfish but will not talk about that for now. This is a 3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft tank that was previously used for keeping different tropical fishes and now it is just for goldies. 4 of them in there and oops I forgotten that I still have 1 big clown loach that I can't bare to give up. The clown loach is hiding in the back in a "barrel" shelter. You should be able to see its stripes when you zoom in. The other tank is a smaller 2ft x 1.5ft x 1ft with 6 small goldfishes. Will share the photos of this once I have a nice shot taken.
  2. jeffteo

    Tank of the Month Entries

    I am back! And to start it off with an entry after so long. The tank is a 3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft bare bottom setup with driftwood. The largest one is named Silver Knight by my son. Vote for my tank!
  3. jeffteo

    Upsidedown Floating

    I am having exactly the same problem now with one of mine for 1 week. Diff here is tank is indoor and water temp is usually around 28 - 30. Just did water change today and dose seachem stress guard. This is the only med I have currently. What should I do? I have both floating and sinking food. Sent from Android using Tapatalk 2
  4. jeffteo

    Home Made Wet/dry Trickle Filter

    Sent from Android using Tapatalk 2 The only high power consumption thing is the Ehiem pump. I am using LED lights and the whole system is less than 100W.
  5. jeffteo

    Home Made Wet/dry Trickle Filter

    Some update of what have become of the filter since then. Upgraded to a bigger 2 feet tank and converted it to a under tank sump filer. And then i changed the sump to the same 1 feet cube tank. Then soon I gotten another bigger 3 feet tank and moved the filter to it and added another tray of bio media. And the current state.
  6. jeffteo

    Tank of the Month Winner

    Sorry for the late reply, have been busy with work lately. This tank started out as a shrimp only tank for CRS which failed totally within months. Then I decided to keep goldies again after stopping for more than 2 years. The soil used is ADA Amazonia II aqua soil. Good stuff for stem plants. Filter used is Eheim Pro II 2026 canister filter. Food given is Hikari Lionhead for goldfish. White Knight is the longest survival among the 3. It was around since I started to keep goldies again. If you follow my thread on this tank the other goldies that I added always left me after a short while. Now finally I am seeing all of them longer and hope this will stay the same forever. Sent from Android using Tapatalk 2
  7. jeffteo

    Goldfish Rebirth

    It's a Canon PowerShot S110. Speed set to 1/250 with aperture and iso set to auto. The f/1.8 lens on this camera is good.
  8. jeffteo

    Goldfish Rebirth

    Sorry to hear about losing your favorite goldfish. I now feed them frozen blood worm once in a while. Those factory packed cubes kind that are sterilized. So far no issue.
  9. jeffteo

    Goldfish Rebirth

    Re-attaching the first image
  10. jeffteo

    Goldfish Rebirth

    Some macro test shots [MG]http://i737.photobucket.com/albums/xx11/jeffteo80/Goldfish/20121217_233845.jpg[/img]
  11. jeffteo

    Goldfish Rebirth

    Today I moved one of the SAE back in as I see it as a good mate for gf in another thread. Did not see it bothering them yet. Hope the SAE will give up the idea.
  12. jeffteo

    Goldfish Rebirth

    Ryukin mixed? Coz of the hump?
  13. jeffteo

    Goldfish Rebirth

    Btw what kind of GF is the orange guy. They colourful one should be a Ryukin right?
  14. jeffteo

    Add Your Tank(s) Pics Here, Please

    Mine planted with ADA aqua soil. The goldies like to sieves the soil for any food the had sunken onto it keeping the substrate very clean.
  15. jeffteo

    Goldfish Rebirth

    And finally 3 and going great so far Having some BBA problem and tried to introduce SAE but noticed them disturbing the 3 goldies and removed the SAE after just a few hours. The slime coat is just too tasty for the SAE to resist.