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  1. I was thinking maybe she had something stuck too. I actually saw a video yesterday of an oranda with gravel stuck and his mouth action was the same wide O. But if Hugo can eat...I doubt that is it? Maybe something caught in her gills??
  2. Hi Fang Sorry Hugo isn't feeling well. She's one of my favs too! Healing thoughts <3
  3. Awww...Wakka was so pretty. Special little dude. So sorry Fang. He had the best home ever with you.
  4. Thank you everyone! The fish are growing. They were big when I got them in March/April. But can see more growth in these few months! Olaf's fins especially are much longer and flowing. Zelda has actually slimmed down, but fins are longer. Not sure why, she eats like a pig! But I *think* when I got her she was bursting with eggs, and looked fat. In the store she was in a 18" cube tank with another female, so no stimulation to release eggs. She filled the tank with eggs her second day here!
  5. New look. Might last if these two piggies will stop tearing up my java fern, and trying to prune the anubias. Zelda (the calm moor ya know) is ferocious grabbing leaves thrashing her head. hahaha Olaf kind of watches, swims over, nibbles, watches. Then joins in the trashing. Putting lettuce leaves/greens in more often seems to be helping.
  6. Thanks Amanda She isn't gray/lavender though. She is pearly white. So white she glows. haha Pic is not great. And no light on the Q tank. Moon is doing great so far. Has been 5 days. She eats great, catching BBS before they hit the bottom. Fast little bugger! A tiny bit of bottom sitting with the PraziPro, but that is expected. Fingers crossed it keeps going well.
  7. Love your tank! I agree the 40B is a perfect tank. The footprint gives lots of surface area for goldfish. Can reach the bottom to clean without wetting armpits haha
  8. Thanks!! I have a bad video. haha http://vid60.photobucket.com/albums/h2/FFamily2006/Fish/MVI_5544.mp4
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