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  1. I had alot of brown alage brought an alage eater done alot for my 46 gal tank in keeping things clean
  2. 33 like back2it said one tube close to bottom the other filter close to middle of tank what good about two filters on a tank you can clean one filter at a water change then when you do another water change clean the other filter.
  3. i have used test strips for my pool water they were soso. belive best way is the test tubes with the right media
  4. i have one chain store and they have personal that are up on gf, and i have one lfs thats not a chain up to date and tell people up front how many gf you can have to certain size tank
  5. I'm curious do you have problems with certain breeds in keeping them i have trouble with black moors and red cap orlandors. comets and lionhead and a rykin i have no problems oldest about three a comet and the youngest a year. I was just wondering
  6. my ac 300 had a noise like yours and i took mine aprt and cleaned my spinner put back togerther worked fine. had mine about 2 1/2 years and still quit as a mouse. when i clean my filter i always clean my spinner
  7. i have a rena xp3 like to put a uv sterilizer with it like to know who use's what kind and why? also do they have a tendencies to heat the tank. i have a 46 gal corner tank with a bow front
  8. Hi Hurck If you go to koko's home page in the left hand coluum are alot of topics on how to do a gf set up.. Then if there any questios on a particular thing we be glad to help.
  9. glad you are enjoying your new fish i have photobucket a easy way to let us see your fish
  10. i've had riverstones for two years and had no problems
  11. 4 gf , five cats ,and now one dog all my fur friends are strays that took up, had to buy my gf
  12. what happen to the voting site where we voted for the best site
  13. when i put a fiter bag in the filter i rinse unde the water facut to get all the loose carbon out of bag that might be the reason
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