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  1. Well, toothless said that the bound form of ammonia is "totally harmless". Can't get much clearer than that, at least in my opinion. If it's wrong, someone should change/remove it, so I wouldn't mind knowing for sure either.
  2. I would take the gravel out completely. If you're overcrowded, gravel/decorations cause there to be less water in the tank overall. I also wouldn't leave them in a tank without a filter unless you've got multiple air stones. They could suffocate if there's not enough surface agitation. And no one's going to get upset with you if you rescued those fish. Even if they aren't in ideal situations (yet!), you still saved them.
  3. The toxicity of ammonia depends on the temperature and pH. It's impossible to know if 0.25 ammonia is harmful without knowing the temp and pH. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/35322-ammonia-toxicity/ The bound form of ammonia is completely harmless. So if your temp and pH are low enough, 0.25 ammonia may not be harmful at all. But you really have to test to find out. That's what Prime does, too, it binds the ammonia. The bottle of Prime I have says about 5 mL Prime binds about 0.8 mg/L ammonia. Also, different breeds may be more or less stressed by it. My shubunkin hasn't shown any distress, even when the ammonia got to 1.0 ppm while I was sleeping. Granted, there probably wasn't any of the toxic form of ammonia in the water since my temp is 72, pH 7.8. Fancy breeds may not be able to handle much ammonia.
  4. Just a quick question, can brown algae eat nitrates? I'm at the point in my cycle where I should be seeing nitrates, but they're always 5 which is what my tap is.
  5. I think it's wonderful that you rescued these fish and are giving them a great chance at a long, happy life. The amount/frequency of water changes you do depends entirely on the ammonia/nitrite levels in the tank. Once the ammonia gets to a level that isn't yet toxic (depending on your temp and pH), you can do small water changes (10-20$) daily to keep the ammonia at that level. If you get 0.25 ammonia and change half the water, you're taking out the "food" for the bacteria. With a low temp and high pH, ammonia can get quite high (1.0 ppm or more) before it becomes toxic. There's a chart in the water quality section of the forums that will show you what your "safe" level of ammonia is. When you start seeing nitrite, salt can make it safe for the fish. I still wouldn't let nitrite get above 0.5 ppm if you can help it. NEVER above 1.0 ppm. You can use Prime to detoxify ammonia and nitrite so you can go longer without water changes. Just make sure you test the water every day at least, sometimes twice a day, and especially after a water change to make sure the water is all set. Edit:: Found the chart. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/35322-ammonia-toxicity/
  6. I've got a TON of brown algae in my tank right now, and my fish eats it pretty much nonstop. I don't think it's bad. I clean it off once a week but it's been growing back overnight.
  7. My shubunkin does a little wiggle dance when I walk by the tank, right where I always put the food in. Other than that, he only moves his tail fin to swim. The rest of him stays pretty still. Single tailed fish are FAST!
  8. My fish does this too! I swear, he thinks every single bubble is food. "That one looks like food... nope. Oh! Maybe that one? Nope. How about this one? Nope." etc.. I'm thinking it's because sometimes the bloodworms I feed him get stuck to air bubbles at the top of the tank, and he stalks them, then darts and grabs them, like they're going to fly away or something! So cute.
  9. I'd be really careful doing that, for sure. What you could do is leave the old one and the new one in the filter for a while, and give the bacteria a chance to populate the new one.
  10. I had thought that rotting food wasn't a good way to get ammonia in your tank? Wouldn't rotting food produce more than just the ammonia? Fish excrete ammonia and normally there isn't anything rotting in the tank. I dunno. Be careful that you don't grow some nasty fungus in there or something!
  11. Yeah, it's clear. I bought it brand new so I don't think I'll use vinegar. I let it sit for about 30 hours, filled with water. I think that'll do it. It doesn't smell or anything, and the water is still clear after 30 hours. And I want to do a water change tomorrow too.
  12. I agree, the refrigerated bacteria supplements work very well. Here's the one I used, and overnight I had nitrites in my tank after weeks without them. https://www.fritzzyme.com/fritz-zyme-700/ I would do the fishless cycle like everyone else said, and when you get the ammonia to 3ppm or so put that in, and it should cycle quickly.
  13. I just bought a 12.5 gallon rubbermaid bin that I'm going to use to age water for my 30 gallon tank's water changes, and/or as an emergency goldfish home should I need it. I know that you're supposed to rinse/soak these bins a few times to make sure they don't leech anything into the water, but how exactly do I go about doing that? Could I fill it up, let it sit for 24 hours, then dump it out? I'd like to do a water change soon, so hopefully it will be ready within a few days.
  14. Alright, sounds good. Thanks!
  15. Just wanted to say that the UV sterilizer will be great. I wish I could afford one. They take care of a lot of common parasites, as well as algae, and they make for all around healthier water.
  16. Oh it's fine, we're all learning. No one knows everything!
  17. Thankfully, it's a media basket and not a filter cartridge, so changing it is really easy. It's been in there for about 3 weeks and I wasn't sure when to change it. I'm considering just taking it out. There haven't been meds in the tank for a month, and no matter how much I rinse it little chunks of carbon get spewed out of the filter and into my tank when I put new carbon in. So unless it's super important, I don't think I want to keep it in.
  18. I have a media cartridge in one of my filters that's got carbon in it, and I was wondering, how long until it needs to be changed? Also, what exactly does it do? It says on the bottle that carbon "removes impurities", but I have no idea what they mean by that.
  19. I was thinking about getting some Krill for my fish, but I was wondering, about how big are they? Is one Krill small enough to fit in a 1.5 inch goldfish's mouth? Is it ok to cut them up? Which is better, frozen or freeze dried? Thanks!
  20. "You don't need a filter for that" - how I would love to hear that for myself! Your goldfish will be spoiled.
  21. He's such a rich color! Quite adorable.
  22. Wow, I bet Edgar is quite happy, though I'm sure she misses her caring owner. Those little ones are adorable. Does your tank feel empty with about 3 inches of fish instead of 7? Or crowded because now there's 3 fish to watch instead of one?
  23. Does the "quality" of the goldfish have anything to do with life expectancy? Like would a "show quality" goldfish live longer than one that you can buy at the lfs? Or is it just the difference in care that would cause different life expectancies?
  24. Oh my gosh, my cats love empty fish tanks too! When I moved my fish from the 15 gallon to the 30 gallon, the 15 was on the floor for a while, and both my cats would sit in it. And they'd play with each other, one outside and one inside. It was too cute. Glad to know it's not just my cats that can't stay out of them And the new tank looks gorgeous, by the way.
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