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  1. Hi Sod, Kokosgoldfish site has Goldfish Disease page where you can find more info aboud swim bladder condition with suggested steps to correct the issue. Good luck!
  2. I also have one common gold fish, and I also had a 5 gal hex tank in the beginning. I ended up buying 46 gal used tank with a stand for $140 from Craiglist website. Now my water changes came down to twice a week untill my tank is fully cycled. I agree with everybody, please keep doing the water changes every day untill you can have at least 20 gal per fish. Your fish does look like a comet, needs a lot of water. As I know by now that high nitrates can also cause the red marks. If after daily the water changes the nitrates went down to 5 ppm then what was it before? They say that it is safe up to 40 ppm, but I know the cases when nitrates above 10 ppm caused fish to get the red marks, stress and sickness. What percentage of water do you change every day? I did from 50% to 85% in 5 gal, and could barely keep up with the rising ammonia and nitrites, especially when the water temp was higher than 74. With you temp 78 the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are rising much faster. Good luck!
  3. They all took my breath away! Wow, such beauty!
  4. My common looks more like a comet, and grows at an amazing rate!
  5. I actually used suction caps that I attached to the bottom of the plastic plants base (usually there is a small hole there in the base wthere the suction cap's pin can go). There are different types of suction caps out there, some might do the work.
  6. Elena

    The COMMON

    And here is my beauty Kuzja
  7. Looking fo trouble is the right term here
  8. I am interested to know that too, and also how to match the temperature when adding the water directly from the tap. Any ideas?
  9. You can also use a breeder I think, check pets mart. They are not expensive at all.
  10. I have 2 x Aquaclear 70 - each is 300 gph, so each is good for 30 gal
  11. He is such a busy bee, if he doesn't move fast I get worried I have a video here (need to click on the image), I get tired observing him
  12. Thank you RanchuDressing He indeed looks happy there! Here are some more pictures.
  13. I promise to take the pictures and post this weekend I just got Marinland LED lights for the tank, looks sooooo good
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