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  1. I've had these guys going on a year now, so they're actually pretty young yet <3
  2. Yeah, a more natural looking substrate would help immensely! Ever thought about trying live plants? Otherwise, you could just find a nice centerpiece be it a plant or decor then just have the smaller plants to either side of the centerpiece to spruce it up a little. CUTE RANCHU BTW! Fat little cutie
  3. I have a lily pad bulb growing in the substrate right now (pretty excited about that) and a few micro swords growing in the buckets as well. So mainly I'm just waiting for my plants to start growing more to split them and have a more densely planted tank. The three Aponogetons Ulvaceus started from one single bulb last summer and have obviously had no problem taking over! So this is just the start, I also moved all of the plants and the fish from a 20 gallon long just Thursday 3/18 <3
  4. DANG! Pretty sure I'd be happy if I were a fish in there... <3 Question: Are those the type of gouramis that "croak" like a frog when they're mating? I obviously know that "croaking" gouramis do, but I did hear that a few other species make the sound as well.
  5. Oh trust me I can tell, I feel like a dork sometimes telling people about my tanks and then when I actually show them what I'm talking about... it's usually one of a multitude of the four lettered words <3
  6. Thank you all! Haha, now I have to take more pictures! (as soon as my tank settles a little bit, I keep re-arranging things and just making a mess of my pretty tank lol)
  7. Hello! My name is Cole and I live in Eau Claire WI. I've been a goldfish lover for quite a while now... and just recently decided to go bigger with my tanks and everything. So I've had my 4 goldfish for about a year now and they outgrew their 20 gallon long in a quick minute... lol, so I just today set up my brand new 38 gallon <3 (so excited!) I've got 2 ryukins, a ranchu, and an oranda right now... but in the past I had a few panda demekins, and ryukins which got to be about 5 inches in diameter so I gave them to a friend of mine for their pond...and these are the newbies. I've got these pictures from my old tank, but I will surely be posting new ones! Aside from all of that, hello, and hope to see you all around the forums! P.S. Sorry I'm a little image happy, but I just like showing my babies off <3
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