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  1. Can you get a picture of the new area that's withering away if you can?
  2. hello you can sterilize the tank with bleach. The standard concentration for bleach can be found here http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/41101-best-way-to-disinfect/page__view__findpost__p__463722 What you'll want to do is run that through the tank for awhile, filled. Then you will want to drain the tank and refill it with water, and then add prime to make sure all of the bleach has been completely eradicated. The prime eliminates the chlorine component. Then you will drain the tank again and let it dry out completely before filling it again. This is the method I have used and it works very well for me.
  3. Do you have any idea what your nitrites are? Do you have any gravel? A picture may help.
  4. It really depends on the fish's personality. However they may outcompete those slower fish for food. I haven't had a problem with ryukins yet.
  5. No they will not be fine in a 16 gallon for the long run. For two fish you're looking at a 30 gallon tank or a 29 gallon. You need to move the tropicals to a better home or take them to a local fish store.
  6. Edit: Didn't see that it was a trailer! Sorry! I would put some foam under it and lean it up against the wall. That should help distribute the weight. Do you know how strong the floor is? I would worry though since it's not level on the ground. Edit 2: I'm thinking it might not be the best idea until you know exactly how big this trailer is going to be. Alone that 200 gallon is going to way about 1700 pounds, without any decor or anything and will take up a nice amount of space.
  7. Sometimes those cycle aids do work and that may be what happened. If you're not seeing nitrate it's probably because the plants are eating it up. Just to be safe I'd monitor it another week or so. Remember you will get a bump when you add new fish because the cycle you have is not used to the extra added ammonia, but it shouldn't last long.
  8. Pork Chop is still my favorite. What is she talking about it in that top view? The new Ryukin's beautiful behinds? However they will never have butts better than hers.
  9. I love his name. He really is a beautiful fish!
  10. The first one looks like a comet with possible ammonia burn. Did he always have that black stripe when you got him? What are your water parameters? The last one looks like a black moor. I can't really see the eyes in the pic.
  11. Could you give us the exact numbers for the test? Did you use the glass c leaner inside of the tank? If so that may possibly be why.
  12. It'll be alright Make sure the water you pour in is dechlorinated and the ammonia is alright. What are your water parameters? Edit: I just wanted to add to just watch him to see how he reacts, he might try and dart away from where it pours in but afterwards they usually get over it and go back to normal. How was his behavior when you got him? Where did you get him from? Was it really nasty?
  13. It's not going to kill your fish. Even if he's not dying of parasites he could have something that could cause a problem in the future. That salt treatment is very gentle especially compared to a salt bath. If you're worried just add the 10 teaspoons and don't salt any further. That will be a .1% dose. It's gentle.
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